Armie Hammer
The Handsome, Wealthy Actor Is An Admitted Cannibal.

Armie Hammer is an American actor who comes from a long line of powerful businessmen. Since his wife divorced him, he's had a number of flings and multiple women have come forward with disturbing accusations about him and have included screenshots of him describing his fantasies of rape and cannibalism.

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In 2020 at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, Armie Hammer and his family went to the Cayman Islands to quarantine. He got antsy and hopped on a flight to the USA, leaving his family behind, and when he landed, he sent his wife a raunchy text message that was meant for another woman. This wasn’t the first time he was unfaithful, and him abandoning the family like that was the final straw, so she filed for divorce in July 2020. He quickly rebounded with a number of women who would come forward with text messages showing that Armie had violent and cannibalistic sexual fantasies.

Armie Hammer is an American actor who comes from a family of businessmen. I don’t think I’ve seen anything he was in but he was in The Social Network, he played the twins. His grandfather was Armand Hammer who was an oil tycoon.

Many who have heard of the Armand Hammer name have heard the rumor that he was the owner of Arm & Hammer, the baking soda company. That’s actually untrue; the company already existed and Armand Hammer tried to buy it but it didn’t work out, so instead he invested in it.

There’s a lot of drama in the Hammer family. Armie’s great-great grandfather, Dr. Julius Hammer, performed an illegal abortion on the wife of a Russian diplomat who ended up dying 3 days later, so he was convicted of first-degree manslaughter.

His son was Armand Hammer, the oil tycoon. He would take over his father’s business while he was doing his time, and apparently Vladimir Lenin sent a message to Joseph Stalin encouraging him to support the company.

Armand’s second wife was named Frances, and he invested her money in a company called Occidental Petroleum.

In 1996, it was revealed that Armand had been laundering money, bribing his way into the oil business, knocking off Faberge eggs, and using artwork to fund Soviet espionage. He also made an illegal contribution to the Nixon reelection campaign. He faced felony charges for obstructing justice, but his lawyer helped him plead guilty to misdemeanor charges and HW Bush later pardoned him.

Armand also had a few mistresses. One was a woman named Martha Kaufman, a mother of two who divorced her husband after meeting Armand. He put her on his payroll, kind of like how sugar daddies do, and his wife started getting suspicious. So Armand had Martha legally change her name and change her appearance by wearing wigs and glasses and different makeup.

Martha says that she submitted to his sexual demands, even when they were extremely humiliating.

They were together for over a decade with Armand promising to provide for her and her children after he died. Sadly, when he did die, she found out that he left them nothing.

Armand was a pretty distant guy. His kids and grandkids had to schedule appointments to see him.

Armand had one son, Julian, but he completely passed him over when he decided to leave his business empire to his grandson, Julian’s son Michael.

Julian actually killed a man in 1955 over a gambling debt and supposedly because he made advances on Julian’s wife. Allegedly, Armand had a friend deliver $50k to a lawyer in los Angeles and Julian claimed self-defense, and the charges were dismissed.

Julian’s daughter, Casey, wrote a book called Surviving My Birthright and she alleges that her father, Julian, sexually abused her when she was a child, and that Julian was abusive to other family members.

So Michael, who is Armand Hammer’s grandson and Armie’s father, met Dru Ann Mobley and they fell in love, and then Armie was born. (Armie was named Armand, after his grandfather).

As Vanity Fair reports, three people have backed the claim that Michael kept a "sex throne,” saying Michael allegedly refers to the throne as the “naughty chair.”

The reports further claim that he keeps the throne in the Armand Hammer Foundation headquarters located in Carpinteria. The 7-foot-high structure allegedly is seven feet tall. It reportedly includes a hook, a cage underneath, and a chair with a hole in the seat.

Vanity Fair also notes, in a photo, Michael can be seen grinning on the throne while holding a woman’s head. The blonde woman in the picture is sitting in a cage and is also smiling, allegedly.

When Armie was 4 years old, his grandfather, Armand, died. He was worth an estimated $180 million. The battle for the estate began immediately. Within hours of Armand’s death, Michael was spotted removing things from Armand’s home and loading them into 5 cars he had waiting.

Many family members claimed that Armand had promised to take care of them after his death, but he ended up not leaving them all that much.

100 lawsuits were filed against Armand’s estate– by Casey, former mistresses, and charities that all alleged Armand Hammer owed them money.

So now getting back to the main subject–

Armie Hammer's professional acting career began with small guest appearances in the television series like Arrested Development, Veronica Mars, Gossip Girl, Reaper and Desperate Housewives. He had a minor role in the 2006 film Flicka, and co-starred in a 2008 psychological thriller, Blackout. His played Billy Graham in Billy: The Early Years, and in 2010 he had his breakthrough role in The Social Network.

Armie married television personality Elizabeth Chambers in 2010, and they later had 2 kids together. Armie was always very vocal about his sexual interests, making comments about liking things like hair pulling and making social media comments showing an interest in bondage. He introduced his wife to Shibari? Which is a japanese bondage art form where people are tied up in intricate patterns. But she wasn’t all that into it.

In 2011, Armie was arrested for possession of marijuana. He wasn’t prosecuted at the end of the day. He spent the night in jail and later recalled “the inmates were great. The guards were real assholes.”

It seems like he doesn’t have as long a rapsheet as his forefathers but it does kind of speak to how much power the Hammer name carries and how they can pretty much get out of anything time and time again.

Shortly after the birth of their son in 2017, Armie slept with another woman. Years later, Elizabeth found evidence that he was having an affair with a costar. They underwent expensive therapy for their relationship, and then in 2020 during the Covid-19 pandemic, Armie got cabin fever from quarantining with his family in the Cayman Islands, and left them to take a little trip to the US on his own, and that’s when he sent his wife a raunchy text that wasn’t intended for her. That was the last straw and Elizabeth filed for divorce.

Armie like, it was like coming up for fresh air. He suddenly felt the freedom he had been longing. He had a string of flings, he got multiple tattoos in a matter of like 5 months, he was living like a bachelor. Apparently his father, Michael, had similar behavior in between marriages.

January 11, 2021: Armie Hammer starts trending on social media

Armie was about 35 years old. Some of the women who he was talking to said that he was totally captivating and they were intoxicated by his charm. He would be really romantic and intimate and then things would move to passionate and eventually to kinky, and the way they describe it is like he did it with this disorienting ease. Like he would charm them and seduce them and suddenly they’re active participants in bondage.

One of the women he started talking to in June, Courtney Vucekovich, said that from the very first interactions, he dropped a lot of bombs about his family drama. They bonded over their trauma. Courtney had this to say:

“Day one, he makes you feel bad for him; it’s when he makes himself look like a victim. Then he love-bombs you liek crazy; you’ve never felt more special in your entire life. I’ve never seen anything like it. We’re in a restaurant and I’m sitting across from him, and he pulls my chair over, right next to h im, in front of everybody– and is hugging and kissing you. You’re the only girl in the whole world. And then he starts the manipulation and darker stuff.”

She recalled an evening with him that she ended up regretting. Armie was drinking heavily and he persuaded her to participate in a bondage scenario that Courtney wasn’t comfortable with. He sulked, became cold and angry to convince her, and she eventually gave in and consented. As chaotic as it was, it felt like a real relationship to her– they spent every day together and he introduced her to his mother. All the things to show her that she’s special. By September of that year, she had checked herself into a treatment program for trauma.

That same month, Armie was texting another woman, 22-year old Paige Lorenze.

Lorenze, 22, opened up about her 'deeply traumatic' four-month relationship with Hammer last week, describing how it left her emotionally and physically scarred.

Even on their first night of intimacy, Lorenze claimed Hammer insisted: 'You can either call me daddy or sir.'

That’s not all that concerning… yet.

She also received an immediate barrage of really dark details about his family.

“He said his grandfather was this really scary person who had these crazy sex parties where there would be guns. He thought it was cool and was proud of him in a way.”

Oof, that freaks me out. That gives me Joffrey from Game of Thrones vibes.

Armie also introduced Paige to his mother. She says that Armie didn’t have money and always got buy on loans from his friends and she often paid for stuff for him. She broke up with him when he started making rules that he expected her to follow. He tried to control what she could do and who she could talk to, and she started to feel unsafe. She knew that she had become emotionally dependent on him and I think that was his goal.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, Lorenze shared a photo of an ‘A’-shaped scar on her body, just millimeters away from her private parts, that she claims was carved into her skin by Hammer during a sex game.

'He tried to rationalize it as his gesture of his commitment to us being together for the long term.

'I wasn't sure he was serious, as he looked over my body and said: 'where should I carve an A on you?' Before I could process it, he plunged the tip of the knife into my flesh just above my vagina.'

She continued: 'The pain was excruciating, but I did not want to seem weak, despite the discomfort.

'I froze as he smiled at his work. He then said the cut was not deep enough, even though it was about an inch - the whole tip of the blade.

'He said he wanted to collect a kitchen knife to make it bigger, but then as it bled, he started licking it.

'This continued for a few minutes. And I kind of blanked it all out.

'I was concerned that the wound was going to get infected. I had to clean it and put a band aid on afterwards.'

Traumatized, Lorenze still trembles recalling the night in detail, but revealed: 'He knew I was upset, but did not say sorry.

'The next day he even told people about what he had done.

'I was upset, embarrassed and humiliated, but he insisted: 'You should be proud of it. I would not tell anyone who did not think it was awesome'.

'I rationalized it with his logic of us being a couple, to mask the truth - but I was completely manipulated.

'It's humiliating as it will haunt me forever. I will have laser treatment to get rid of the scar.'

Hammer begged the Instagram model to have her ribs removed, so that he could barbecue them.

'He wanted to find a doctor in LA, so that he could remove one of my ribs, as 'you do not need it'; and then barbecue it and eat it while I watch,' she said.

'He said that more than once. He was very serious.'

Lorenze also claimed that Hammer talked about wanting to strangle his dog, a Welsh Terrier named Archie.

'He would get angry at his dog and say like: "I'm going to kill this dog, I would have strangled him if you weren't here,"' she said, noting that she does not believe he ever hurt the animal.

'I'm not trying to kink shame at all,' Lorenze said. 'But I think that dangerous men [sometimes] use this as like a smoke screen for abusing and hurting women for their own sexual pleasure.

'I am holding him accountable and I think he knows that he's caused a lot of women pain, even if he doesn't want to admit it right now. And there is power in numbers.'

Raise your hand if you’ve ever told a guy “no” or “i don’t like it” or something along those lines, and his response is to keep trying, keep asking, or keep talking about it, maybe even make comments about how other women would do it or how it’s really not a big deal, or maybe even tell you you’re being difficult or don’t care about his pleasure or his feelings. How often is it clear that he KNOWS you don’t want it, and he doesn’t give a fuck?

'He told me there's a whole community that will do this stuff, that it was not criminal. He really thought that his fantasies were normal behavior in the BDSM, non-normative, sexual kink community. I thought that this is what it was. I thought I was safe. But any man who is fantasizing about crushing bones, eating them, having sex with female limp bodies is a danger to all women. And this is not me kink shaming, I want that to be clear. He is saying people are kink shaming him and should not comment on his sex life, but BDSM is a smoke screen for him wanting to hurt women. It's unacceptable that he coerces women into agreeing to let him hurt them.'

Fortunately, she ended the relationship over text “because you never know what you’re going to get with him– he’s kind of a scary person.”

Girl, good for you. You’re being so smart at just 22 and that’s going to keep you safe in the long one.

So Paige just wanted to be done with Armie, she didn’t want to even mutter his name again.

Then she saw messages posted on the anonymous @houseofeffie Instagram account, (this was one of Armie’s girlfriends) purported to be from Armie and detailing extreme BDSM scenarios. The date stamps ranged from 2016 to 2020—overlapping with Armie’s marriage to Elizabeth Chambers.


@houseofeffie claims at least five women were engaged in consensual affairs with the actor, while he was married to ex wife Elizabeth Chambers – and that each woman was led to believe they were the only one.

“We all got told we are perfect. That he wants to run away with us. That it’s our world and fuck everyone else. He loved us all in his and [his ex’s] bed and made us a cute omelette after,” she wrote on Instagram.

“So we all had apartments ready for him around the world. So he met all our moms and they all loved him. So he told us all to be monogamous to him and wait for his divorce.”

“I saw these screenshots and my stomach just dropped, like, Holy fuck,” said Lorenze. “Because he would say things to me...weird, ‘I want to eat your ribs,’” she said. “The scariest part of it is that I did love him in a way,” said Lorenze. “I would’ve let him kind of do anything. He had a certain hold over me.”

“I am 100% a cannibal…. Fuck. That’s scary to admit. I’ve never admitted that before. I’ve cut the heart out of a living animal before and eaten it while still warm.”

“I want to see your brain, your blood, your organs, every part of you. I would definitely bite it. 100%. Or try to fuck it. Not sure which. Probably both.”

“If I fucked you into a vegetative state id keep you, feed you, watch you, and keep fucking you...Till you are so sore and broken…. I can’t stop thinking of [fucking] your actual brain.”

“Brand you, tattoo you, mark you, shave your head and keep your hair with me, cut a piece of your skin off and make you cook it for me…. “Who’s slave/master relationship is the strongest?” We’d win. When I tell you to slit your wrists and use the blood for anal.”

Lorenze said that she spoke up for several reasons: to support the other women coming forward, to hold Armie accountable for what she claims he did to her, and to open up conversations about consent. “Consent is really complicated—even if it’s consenting to something in vanilla sex that you don’t really want to do, and say yes can be really traumatizing.” Lorenze said that she hopes to “start an organization that can advocate for safe sex and women learning how to say no.”

Armie’s lawyer, Andrew Brettler, issued a statement about the various accusations that reads, “All interactions between Mr. Hammer and his former partners were consensual. They were fully discussed, agreed upon in advance with his partners, and mutually participatory. The stories perpetuated on social media were designed to be salacious in an effort to harm Mr. Hammer, but that does not make them true.”

This raised a loooot of questions about the BDSM community. Anyone involved in true BDSM knows that consent is beyond important, it’s essential. The whole thing requires trust.

“Part of the problem is that the victim is extremely vulnerable and trusting,” she said, “and is often taken advantage of by sexual predators who know that many of their victims will be afraid to report the crimes against them for fear of being blamed and shamed and not believed when they say that they did not consent to crimes against them.”

Some of Armie’s friends spoke out against the allegations insisting that it’s all just gossip.

It is also important to note that no one has actually accused Armie of acting on his alleged cannibalistic fantasies—and he has never confirmed the texts are his own—but again, multiple women have come forward with screenshots that all show a pattern.

So I wanted to try and better understand those fetishes that maybe aren’t for me but are totally valid. In fact, just to kind of stay unbiased and understand better, I read an article that kind of attempted to ethically explain the psychology behind fetishes rooted in cannibalism.

But also don’t come at me telling me I’m condoning this sick fuck. Consent is.. Fundamental.

I will say thought that some of these “fantasies”, maybe we could stand to understand each other more or talk about it at least, especially when some of the fetishes themselves don’t actually seek pleasure from harming people. But who knows if we’ll ever be able to have open conversations about that. For those who do have those fetishes, i can imagine it can’t be easy to open up aboug for two reasons– fear of judgement, and fear of finding a partner who turns out to be a predator.

So his friends have defended him saying “well he’s just kinky.”

The only statement Armie made came in January, when he told the public why he was leaving the Jennifer Lopez rom-com Shotgun Wedding: “I’m not responding to these bullshit claims but in light of the vicious and spurious online attacks against me, I cannot in good conscience now leave my children for 4 months to shoot a film in the Dominican Republic.”

Of course. He wouldn’t do something like that again.

16 January: Fans track down Armie’s finsta

The Daily Mail published screenshots from Armie’s alleged private Instagram, which appears to show the 34-year-old’s court orders to complete random drug tests, and gloating about the hallucinogenic drug DMT not being identified in said tests before taking a massive drag from a vape.

19 January: It’s confirmed that the finsta is his

Armie apologised for the finsta’s content, proving that it does, in fact, belong to him.

Those who know Armie professionally have had a hard time watching the Armie they knew seemingly implode in a fit of social media posts, bad behavior, and substance abuse in recent months.

A person once close to the family has expressed genuine concern for Elizabeth as she moves forward in her custody battle with the Hammers. “I want to tell her to be careful,” the person said. “I hope she can just get off that island soon.”

“Don’t go out after dark,” the woman texted her. “If you do, go in a group. Park under a light and near a store entrance. Valet as much as you can. Be ‘aware’ and ‘beware.’ Always check to make sure you’re not being followed...Watch your surroundings for a stranger’s face that appears more than once.”

February 12: Armie exhibits strange behaviour at the resort he’s been hiding out at.

Someone who claims to be staying in the same resort as the actor claims they’ve witnessed some “horrifying” behaviour. Speaking to Page Six, the source said: “It’s quite horrifying, to be honest. [He] walks up and down West Bay Road with no shirt or shoes, without a care in the world. Always boisterous and obnoxious and full of himself.”

“No one quite understands,” the source added. “Especially as Elizabeth raises her kids alone and kills herself to do everything for those children. No one wants him here or understands why he’s not in a facility of some sort.”

There are also concerns for the safety of Casey, who is Armie’s aunt and sister of Michael Hammer (the one who unloaded his father’s house the minute he died). She’s been open about her family’s dark secrets. She was one of the people that got next to nothing from Armand’s inheritance, so I believe it was like a puny amount that lasted 18 years.

“If you would have told me in my 20s that I would end up financially challenged, single, and working at Home Depot, I would have bet you a million dollars that wouldn’t have happened.” The inheritance settlement lasted her 18 years, and she’s been getting by on her own since then, she said, eating Progresso soup and bologna sandwiches.

If her brother, Michael, had given her even one of the family paintings, she said, she’d be set for life. “I never was taught to save money or to think ahead. I never thought it would end. It’s okay, though. Because I broke the cycle, if that makes sense, and got away from the Hammer genetic trail.”

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Armie Hammer's girlfriend, Paige Lorenze, is seen lowering the top of her pants to reveal a scar in the shape of the letter A in her pubic region.