Chris Chan
The Autistic Vlogger Made Famous By Trolls Was All Fun and Games.. Until He Raped His Mom.

Chris Chan is a YouTube vlogger and creator of the webcomic series Sonichu. After being discovered by internet trolls, Chris would engage in a decade-long war against cyberbullies and end up putting his most private intricacies on display for the whole world to see. Before long, the world would witness the most disturbing of Chris' actions.

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This is going to be a long, and weird story.

Chris Chan is an internet sensation who is well-known for creating the web series, Sonichu. But it’s not well-known because it’s good. It’s because internet trolls discovered Chris on the internet and trolled Chris for the next decade. Chris engaged in this war against trolls and ended up unintentionally revealing a lot about himself, like all the weird fucked up shit he’s done.

Chris’ antics got him locked up in 2021, when it was revealed that Chris was having an incestuous, non-consensual relationship with their elderly mother.

I want to say real quick that I thought long and hard about what pronouns to use for this story. While Chris Chan identifies as a woman, a lot of people (including members of the trans community) don’t actually believe Chris truly transgender, but rather that he may just be claiming to be transgender in order to prey on women.

So believe me, I really don’t want to misgender anyone, but in this case it might actually be more offensive to refer to Chris as a “she” or “her”.

Now, Chris did live most of their life as a man and the way they lived that life as a man is very relevant to the story. Chris’ views on women prior to their “transition” are very relevant. So to make things easiest to understand, I’m going to refer to Chris as a he/him as I talk about the early years up until the transition. Again, it is relevant and I think maybe you should hear the full story and then decide for yourself if you believe Chris or not.

Chris Chan is known as the most documented person on the internet. A lot of people have documented conversations with Chris online or even recorded him in person.

With all this said, I’m going to do my best to highlight the important stuff. There’s a YouTube documentary called Chris Chan: A Comprehensive History, and it’s like 64 episodes and counting, if you want a super deep dive.

Chris Chan was born Christopher Weston Chandler on Feb 24th, 1982. His parents were Barbara Ann Weston and Robert (Bob) Chandler.

Bob and Barbara met at a bar and their marriage was pretty rushed. They were seemingly both trying to run away from prior marriages so they rushed into a marriage with each other, and Chris was born just 2 years later.

Barbara worked as a secretary and had a real hoarding problem. She was also said to be very emotionally abusive and just all around not a great mom. According to Chris, Barbara’s family had distanced themselves from her because they thought she was a drunken whore.

Barbara had another son, Cole, from a previous marriage. Actually, it’s unclear who Cole’s real father was and he feels that she lied about his identity.

So when Barbara and Bob got together, Cole was about 16 years old. There’s an article Cole wrote for a blog where he describes this time of his life, and how his parents were negligent. It describes how Bob had a gun and bullets in a nightstand and never locked it up, and Cole would get curious and even put it to his head once and fired it, not knowing whether or not it was loaded. It fortunately wasn’t and that was enough to quench his curiosity.

He described another occasion where a burglar tried to break into their home and Barbara went and got her gun and fired it at the door, which was made of steel. And the bullet ricocheted all around the room before it hit the ceiling and then lodged into a plaster wall just like a foot away from his head.

Then came the night when a burglar tried to break in when my dad was out cheating on my mom. We had a steel front door. You don’t see many of those around unless you live — as I do — in a pre-war building in a big city. Some dirtbag was making no bones about trying to break down our front door. Richmond was the rape capital of America at the time. The former capital of the Confederacy has always been a cesspool of violent crime, and still is. My mother Barbara left the living room for the adjacent bedroom where said pistol sat waiting. She returned with a fully loaded gun. I stood beside her about ten feet from the door where the would-be thief was still loudly at work trying to break down the front door. My mother pulled back the hammer, attempting to cock it. But she didn’t pull it back far enough for it to lock. BLAM! The gun fired. The bullet hit the floor, ricocheted onto the steel door, then onto the ceiling, before lodging in the plaster wall less than a foot to the left of my head. The would-be thief was scared off, so mission accomplished there, but I could easily have died. I remember sticking a pencil into the hole in order to measure how far the bullet had lodged after ricocheting so many times.

We never discussed what had happened that night, but I revisited the bullet hole in our living room wall anytime I wanted to remember the event. I’ll never forget the angle of the ricochet that nearly killed me.

By the time Cole was 17, he would decide to leave home and move to California.

This was about 1980, so not long after Barbara and Bob got together in the first place.

Then Chris was born in 1982. Btw Barbara and Bob were 40 and 54 years old, respectively, when Chris was born. (big generational gap)

Bob and Barbara both liked to drink and they would leave the boys with a babysitter from an early age, pretty much every night so they could go drinking. When Chris was only 18 months old, this babysitter got frustrated with him and locked him in a dark room by himself with toys for the whole night. After this, Chris wouldn’t speak again for 6 years.

Mental health pros have said that he may have been non-verbal anyway because he had diagnosed autism which is genetic. In fact, they told his parents that he wouldn’t make it to high school and would probably never be able to write his name (which proved to be wrong) .

But according to Chris, Chris did speak (like a baby) up until this experience with the babysitter. Either way, that kind of experience could easily exacerbate already existing symptoms.

After the diagnosis, Barbara tried really hard to coax Chris into speaking by bribing him with toys.

Bob was seemingly a slightly better parent than Barbara, although that’s not saying much. He did have children from his previous marriage that he pretty much abandoned and it's said that he treated Chris better than he treated them.

Keep in mind, though, Barbara’s other son Cole has said that Bob was abusive and called him evil and negligent.

According to Cole, Bob worked his "bitter influence" on Barbara to separate her from Cole. In multiple emails to Chris, Cole asks to be informed when Bob dies so he can celebrate.

Since Cole was like 19 years older than Chris and he left the home early, he and Chris didn’t grow up together.

In those early years when Chris was nonverbal, Chris would become immersed in television shows like the Carebears and Transformers. Bob and Barbara didn’t really understand the autism spectrum (remember, there’s a huge age gap).

Bob seemed like he was trying to figure out how to help Chris, and decided to get the Commodore 64 computer and was really pleasantly surprised to see how good Chris was with it, even developing games as early as 6 years old. It was impressive.

Although Chris was non-verbal, he was not quiet. He would screech at the top of his lungs.

1985- the Hammers moved into the neighborhood.

Chris became friends with the young girl, Sarah Hammer, who would be his childhood friend. Chris says that she greatly helped with autism. However its believed she may have taken advantage of Chris and was actually a bully. Sarah once told Chris that Casper lived in the crawlspace under her house. Naturally, he went to check it out and trapped him under there for half an hour before his dad showed up. Chris never held a grudge though (probably because she’s a girl, but we’ll get to that.)

Chris received language training from an early age at James Madison University. Chris finally ended the silence at age 7, after a trip to the toy store when he picked up a toy and started reading the package.

Bob and chris converted shed to work shop “the dream studio” hoping to build things together. He even made a plack “dreaming studio of mr. c and little c where dreams do come true”

Ended up mostly being used for storage by barbara.

He also went to the Nathaniel Greene Elementary School until 4th grade, when an incident occurred at his school.

He asserts the staff at school didnt know how to handle autistic kids and mistreated him. He alleges that 5 staff members held him by his wrists and ankles while he cried, and that the principal forced him to sit on his lap while he said mean, offensive things to him.

Principal is claimed to be gay, which chris has used to justify his homophobia.

“I was abused by one. A homosexual principal at my elementary school, slapped me on his lap, said offensive things to me, and i felt uncomfortable.”

Not verified, but not unlikely.

It's possible that Chris's opinions about these events are colored more by his parents' attitudes than his own memories.

Also note- “Scream rooms” or “time-out rooms” were a common installation in schools until the 90’s (in most places). It was basically an empty, padded room where they would stick a child until they calmed down. In a time when nonverbal autistic people weren’t well understood, they unfortunately would often be stuck in these rooms.

His parents took him out of the school and went after the school in court.

The schoolboard wanted to send chris to a special needs school, but his parents rejected the idea and instead homeschooled him. Again, they didn’t have a real understanding of autism and they kind of thought this meant he was going to be institutionalized and mistreated like how mental patients were.

Around this time, he had a life changing experience. During a shopping trip he came across the Leonard Bernstein symphony orchestra (animatronic orchestra).

Leonard Bernstein, conductor, was fully interactive with a human controller behind scenes. On this day, the audience was small so Chris got extra attention. The conductor asked his name and Chris said “Christopher” but the conductor misheard him and called him “Christian”. Chris took this as a profound sign from god and believed that his name was actually meant to be Christian. It was also the Christmas season so it was even more meaningful.

This is just one example of Chris’ extreme gullibility. And it seems as though his parents didn’t discourage this. They ended up changing his name legally.

Chris was home-schooled through the 5th grade during these proceedings. When his family exhausted all legal recourse, Chris and his father relocated to Richmond so that Chris could continue his education in a different school system, starting with the sixth grade in fall 1992

Barbara stayed at the family home to work.

In school, Chris would make some friends but like.. One girl for example, Natasha, was a few years older than he was and they would talk and hang out at the bus stop. Bob would give Chris money to give to Natasha in exchange for her friendship and attention. Bob knew Chris would have trouble forming friendships. Chris ended up realizing what was happening.

1993- Chris did a Sega Genesis watch & win sweepstakes, and against all odds, Chris won. The winner got a $1k shopping spree at kb toys.

This was highlighted because he was autistic so this was kind of a heartwarming story.

This was a life changing moment for chris. First off, he got even more into video games with this shopping spree. But also, this kind of formed a sense of entitlement in Chris. He would continue participating in contests and sweepstakes but he kind of felt like he was entitled to win because of his autism.

WVIR-TV's coverage of the event focused on Chris's autism, regarding the contest win as a worthy accomplishment due to his mental condition. Chris put footage from this newscast on YouTube long before he was known to the general public, and it remains the most solid evidence that he is not an elaborate troll. This incident is often cited as the beginning of Chris's tendency to use his autism as leverage for special treatment, as well as his fascination with toys and video games at the expense of more mature pursuits. It has also led Chris to constantly enter contests in hopes of winning big (or else becoming infuriated and belligerent to the winners when he loses).

Chris didn’t do too badly in school and did make some friend, although it turns out that Bob was actually paying these “friends” off. Like there was a girl who he would talk to at the bus stop and she was nice to him, but Bob also would give Chris money or gifts and tell him to give it to the girl.

He used to ride the bus to school and he liked to sit at the very front so he could be the first one off. One day, he got into an altercation with another boy who wanted to get off first, and the boy ended up punching Chris in the face. After that, Chris had to take the bus for special ed students, which he says deeply affected him.

Chris felt uncomfortable associating with people he considered “slow in the minds”.

“I ended up with this really worse off mentally challenged person who could hardly ever speak other than ‘rrr’. That boy bopped me on the back of the head just for laughs. The special ed teacher who rode on the bus talked with his brother about it and he kept him from bopping me. But having to put up with his nonsensical slur-talk was still just as cringey and horrifying. Ugh!”

Chris really dove into his creative side during high school. He would read a lot of Goosebumps and play video games all the time at home.

He took Spanish in high school and took the name Ricardo for classes (which isn’t unusual for students in Spanish class) but he would eventually start using this name outside of the classroom and even going as far as to say that he accepted it as part of his real name.

Chris had sizable group of gal-pals. Sometimes he would have crushes on them. If they had boyfriends, he would like observe them and how they would flirt and interact and hope to one day experience the same.

It’s possible these girls were nice to Chris out of pity, or to kind of protect him like a little brother. Chris has also made statements alluding to the fact that they probably also had arrangements with Bob.

Age 16 recording

Cwicville- videos of lego town made with gameboy camera

Pokemon franchise, card game. Wrote essays about pokemon

Chris claims to have been on the honor roll, and during this time acquired the true source of his powers, his Amnyfest Ring. Because the art award he wanted was given to someone else, Chris became despondent and stormed out crying during his high school graduation. He honestly thought he deserved the award more than anyone else because he worked on it "so hard" despite his autism, ignoring the likelihood that the artistic achievements of his peers were simply better. Another reason for his sorrow was his fear that he might soon have to grow up and start acting like an adult, a phase of his life that his parents had not properly prepared him for.

1999- wall of originals (pokemon trading card originals) chicacku and plautistic

1999 launched first website CWC’s pokesite

Valentines day 00 he wrote a short story or poem that included “on a daate the man cannot pay the bill so his date slammed door in his face” and other traditional views of his.

For senior prom, he took his mom as his date.

Friend Tiffany asked him to dance (probably out of pity). Christian took this as potentially more.

At graduation he was heartbroken because he didn’t get recognition or some award for an art project. He sat down by himself and cried.

00 moved back to family home and he began attending community college. He chose marketing, but dad had him moved to computer aided drafting and design degree, hoping it would provide a better fit and future for him.

Over time, he began losing touch with his gal-pals from high school, and he presumably found the junior college crowd less willing to humor him and his personal idiosyncrasies. By his own admission, his social life at PVCC was lacking when compared to his high school years.

2000 had a graphic design assignment to design a cd cover and he wanted to use sonic and pikachu, but he couldn’t use copyrighted characters.

Thus was born: Sonichu.

Sonichu expanded; had a female counterpart, who then reproduced; rosechu and rosey (based on amy rose from sonic)

Had a short job at wendys. Had a hard time, got in trouble and took frequent breaks. Ended up fired. Possibly for doing donald duck impression to akid until he cried. He also drew an unflattering caricature of a female coworker.

“Noviophobia” a term he coined around this point. (fear of speaking to a woman who has a boyfriend and therefore convincing her there was no point in talking to her)

He stopped talking to Kellie because of this.

2003, his 21st birthday. He was kicked out of english class by his male (and possibly gay) teacher, for some reason. (He changes his story frequently.)

This increased his distaste in men, and gay men. This also launched his pursuit to find true love.

The Love Quest:

His pursuit to find a “boyfriend-free girl”

Possibly driven by his discovery that his old friend Sarah Hammer had begun dating Wes Iseli, Chris started his Love Quest in earnest that summer. However, he quickly found that every girl he talked to had a boyfriend (or so they claimed). Chris soon became neurotic about the "Infinitely-High Boyfriend-Factor" and began concocting and employing various bizarre methods to attract women without actually having to approach or speak to them.

Chris's most celebrated technique involved sitting in one place (or pacing back and forth) for hours, holding a sign…

The “Attraction Sign”

"I am a (variable age)-Year Old, Single Male, seeking an 18-(Chris's age then)-Year Old, Single Female Companion."

Chris had first been scolded by her for passing around photocopies of his Sonichu's News Dash newsletter, but delivered the most crushing blow when Chris was loitering with his usual Attraction Sign; according to Chris, Walsh tore down his sign and told him that he would never get a girlfriend this way, or indeed at all. However true this alleged statement may have been, there is virtually no chance Mary said it, as it would have been highly inappropriate and would have jeopardized her job.

It should be noted that judging by her e-mail exchanges with Chris, Walsh was anything but hostile towards Chris; quite the opposit e, in fact - Versus Chris's version of events, Walsh was entirely reasonable in her conduct towards Chris and his attraction sign escapades.

Chris, being the narcissist he is, disregarded her warnings to stop posting his signs and continued to place this ad for his "love quest" in the main campus building. Walsh, taking umbrage at this clear defiance of her authority, took Chris to her office to discuss the situation with him. What exactly transpired during the meeting is a source of mass debate, as the only accounts made public are written by Chris and thus heavily biased. What is known is that during the meeting, Chris pretended to converse out loud with Sonichu (relaying what Sonichu "said" to her). Then, after what Chris described as being "talked RUDELY AND HOARSELY," he verbally attacked her in a fit of rage, going so far as to hex her with the dreaded Curse-ye-ha-me-ha.[5] (This event was later dramatized, with plenty of wish fulfillment added, in the short comic "Christian + Sonichu vs. The Mastermind" in Sonichu 0, which was later remade as "Witch Confront" in Sonichu 2.) Chris was told in no uncertain terms that he couldn't continue his Love Quest on campus, prompting him to slander Walsh on his website and send her an attempt at an intimidating drawing.[6] This little stunt got him expelled from PVCC for a whole year, and forced to take anger management classes and get psychiatric help before he was readmitted. He eventually returned, however, obtaining an associate's degree in May 2006.

Christian & the Hedgehog Boys is the eponymous debut album of Chris's terrible music project of the same name, recorded on a tape recorder in August 2003.

"So Need a Cute Girl"

Backstreet Boys — "I Want It That Way"

January 2004

Made comic featuring sonichu, rosechu, and black sonichu.

1/18/04 he wrote “Hard Love Quest”, a poem about his difficulties in finding a boyfriend free girl:

Here you see, a sad and lonesome Christian C.

Without girlfriend love he feels an older age,

as he is still “Stuck as a virgin with rage.”

He search low and high to the end,

the only delay is the fear of being already beaten by a BOYFRIEND.

Why do all the girls have to be already taken… a real shame,

boyfriends of all girls of possible matches for me are really LAME.

As I sit and sigh,

I watch the girls go by.

Afraid of a lame intersecption,

I sit out in the open without hesitation.

Matching Girl descriptions are free,

I wish one girl would notice and approach me.

It would be way past cool, per-say, [sic]

if I could get a girlfriend by Valentine’s Day.

But for now as you see,

I am a sad and lonesome “C.”

1/31: Sonichu News Dash (online newsletter)

A creative outlet where he included poems, skits, and more. Like a personal ad.

Christian W. Chandler is 21 (22 as of February 24, 2004) and single seeking a Single Female Companion of the following qualities:

18-21 years of age (18-22 as of February 24, 2004). *Does not already have a boyfriend. *Single. *Blonde or Brunette *Average or Slender body type. *Does NOT smoke and/or drink alcohol. *5’ or taller. *Lives in Charlottesville or Ruckersville area. *White. *Average to High income. *Drives a vehicle. *Happy, Positive Personality. *A Caring girl.

Christian is a very shy, and very thoughtful, person, and will only accept person-to-person encounters (No E-Mails or Phone Calls). So if you are interested, he can be found around Piedmont Virginia Community College, or Fashion Square Shopping Center. When getting his attention, approach and say hi to him. Do NOT flirt from a distance; he will not be able to notice. To find Christian, he’ll be wearing the Sonichu Medallion.

After college and completing his education, Chris promptly dropped out of society, devoting his life to finding a boyfriend-free girl, drawing Sonichu, mass debating, and using his welfare money to buy video games and sex toys. He would not make any serious attempts to seek out a career from graduation onward, in spite of attaining a degree that could probably net him a decent-paying (and relatively undemanding) career that would likely grant him more opportunities than sitting at home playing video games ever could. Both of his parents encouraged him to live off of welfare instead of getting a job..

In 2005, Chris met Megan Schroeder at a local game and card shop. A social outcast like himself, Megan proved unusual in that she was willing to talk to Chris for more than 5 minutes. The two quickly became close friends, although Megan claimed to have recently endured a bad break-up and refused to entertain Chris's obvious romantic interest. Chris, seemingly basing his stance on studying women in porn and anime, believed that the key to turning Megan's platonic feelings romantic was to make inappropriate advances toward her until she had to tell him to stop touching her (a habit that got so bad that Megan later equated it to sexual harassment).

In the summer of 2007, Chris put it all on the line by entering the PaRappa the Rapper Contest so that he could win prizes and a trip for two to Seattle, which formed the centerpiece of his plan to finally score with Megan. The contest ended in disaster for Chris, as he lost to the dreaded Adam Stackhouse and subsequently learned that Megan wouldn't have gone with him on the trip even if he had won.

It was during the Love Quest that Chris was inspired to launch Sonichu, a comic book series featuring his Electric Hedgehog Pokémon. Ostensibly, the comic was intended to focus on the life and times of Chris's original character Sonichu, but by halfway through the first issue, the focus of the story had become Chris and his myriad of romantic misadventures. Little would Chris know, however, that his life was about to permanently change as a result of the writing and drawing of his magnum opus.

Trolls discover Chris:

Chris and Sonichu were discovered when someone posted an anonymous picture of Sonichu on 4chan. It only took a quick Google search of Chris's name to discover the picture's author. He was also discovered on 26 October 2007 by the website SomethingAwful, when a user derailed an unrelated conversation and wrote their personal account of Chris. A thread on Chris and Sonichu was created the next day.[26] Chris's miserable existence spilled over onto Encyclopedia Dramatica in November 2007. His life hasn't been the same since then, and shockingly enough, Chris himself shoulders some of the blame for why that is.

Upon learning of the "Chris-Chan" article on ED, Chris released a single YouTube video attempting to diplomatically convince the site to remove the page.

Here’s a little clip from that video, just so you can kind of hear Chris speak a little bit.


He goes on for a few minutes but basically he kind of tries to defend himself to the trolls by giving his whole life story about his autism and his trauma, and it kind of backfires and further fuels the trolls.

Chris, in an attempt to prove himself as lurid as the trolls, revealed a great deal of embarrassing information, most notably a portrait of himself finger-banging Megan that ruined his most important relationship at the time, giving the trolls justification to continue their war against Chris in the process. By the spring of 2008, Chris would be banned from both his favorite hangout (temporarily, but he was banned permanently in August 2008) and his parents' church for reasons at least partially related to information brought to light by the ED article.

TW: the images in the link below are graphic.

Chris drew as part of a campaign to fight Encyclopedia Dramatica by "replacing negativity with positivity".[1] It portrays Chris using his hand to stimulate a naked woman’s vagina to the point of orgasm, indicated by squirt lines while he gives a thumbs-up. Arguably the most scandalous of all of Chris's artistic canon, this single image managed to invoke much drama.

Chris had also created a fictional character named Crystal, who was his cartoon twin sister, and people online thought the girl in this sexual drawing had a striking resemblence to Crystal, implying some kind of incestuous fantasy. It didn’t help that Chris captioned the image with "Your sister has cum for me." In order to defend his fictional sister's honor, Chris edited the article to confirm that it was in fact Megan, who was his only friend and he was already on thin ice with because of his incessant touching.

It was the straw that permanently destroyed the already dying friendship between Chris and Megan, and the consequences of uploading it online have continued to face him for years afterwards. In fact, it's entirely conceivable that the targeted effort to troll Chris may have simply faded away had he not edited the page repeatedly and uploaded this image to Encyclopedia Dramatica. Doing so demonstrated how easy it was to manipulate Chris, and as such, put blood in the water for trolls for years to come.

Megan was so disgusted that she severed ties from Chris. Since the release of the picture, Chris has flip-flopped from taking responsibility for making the image to blaming the trolls and even blaming Megan herself, or some combination of these things.

2008 is the year that Christian Weston Chandler turned 26 years old.

Chris declared war on Encyclopedia Dramatica. The page went down one day and he celebrated it as a victory, but it had nothing to do with him. It just went down by coincidence and ended up going right back up.

When ED suffered outages unrelated to this crusade, Chris took credit and declared victory, guaranteeing that he would be under constant fire from trolls for years to come. This began an endless cycle in which Chris would produce videos, comics, and harebrained schemes to attack the trolls, which would, in turn, encourage more and more trolls to provoke him for his hilarious responses.

Ok remember when I said that Chris Chan is the most documented person in the world? Well most of that information was documented by trolls. Numerous trolls. Like, try to keep up, ok?

The Miscreants

The Miscreants were a group of trolls who created multiple personas to fuck with Chris.

(Clyde Cash, Gregg Mays, Vivian Gee, Mao, and Shigeru Miyamoto.)

Clyde Cash was the ringleader of The Miscreants and is often considered to be Chris's arch-nemesis, even years after his trolling days were finished.

Ryan Cash was the fictional brother of Clyde, who committed suicide when Chris announced there would be no comics released, witholding Sonichu 7, in protest of the Encyclopedia Dramatica page. He left the following note before killing himself:

Dear family and friends, this is my final message to you, i am going to kill myself after my hero, christian weston chandler let me down. Sonichu was my hero and without anymore comics i will never be able to aspire to be just like him. i hate christian for deciding to not make any more comics and being lazy! all he does is play his stupid video game and not care about anything but himself! He's such a jerk! GOOD BYE FOREVER I HOPE TO SEE YOU IN HELL CHRIS. Ryan Cash.

A sad final farewell.

Clyde was absolutely heartbroken upon discovering his brother's cadaver, and entered a state of depression. While Chris was upset by this news, due to his naïve understanding of the concept of death, his response to the news came across as condescending to a grieving Clyde, who was upset that the video wasn't dedicated to his brother, but various news items that were seemingly of more importance to Chris. The final straw was when Chris made a thoughtless comment indicating that he enjoyed having enough influence over someone that they could kill themselves after he took a course of action.

Following from Ryan's death, Clyde's grief transformed into righteous indignation, and he swore to avenge his fallen brother by setting himself on a path to become Chris's archnemesis, even if he had to become a monster to do so. Clyde would be well-known for his various trolling plans against Chris.

Blanca Weiss

was the identity assumed by 3 trolls who posed as Chris's sweetheart in order to get one thing: the Sonichu medallion.

Chris's first interaction with Blaca would occur on 19 August 2008. Chris would receive an email from Blanca, where she shows him her OC Jiggliami, a cross between Jigglipuff and Amy Rose. Blanca would create a DeviantArt page that was partly dedicated to this character, and gave Chris a link to the profile in an e-mail.

The group pulling the strings was a trio of YouTube trolls. Two of them, going by the handles RickyRicardo123 and Nurse Icky-chan, talked to Chris via IM and telephone, respectively. The third, Ickeriss69, received a package containing the medallion (as well as an enclosed love letter) and uploaded a video of himself cutting it up and putting it in a pickle jar, before setting it on fire.

The name Blanca Weiss is just a feminine version of the Spanish word for white (blanca) and the German word for white (Weiß); Blanca Weiss is literally just white female, Chris's personal preference in sweethearts.

They would send him “selfies” which were clearly a different girl in every picture, and Chris didn’t notice.

Blanca revealed herself to be troll in 2008 when her profile picture was changed to a man in a pickle suit. Despite many people telling him Blanca was not real, and even after the medallion was destroyed on film, Chris still continued to believe she was real. He stated in the Christian Weston Chandler Interview that the people responsible for destroying the medallion simply lived near Blanca and intercepted the mail.

Since the destruction of the medallions, the three trolls have largely faded into obscurity.

In September of 2008 or around this time, Lordsillynipples came into contact with Chris and disguised themselves on MySpace as Blanca Weiss, a character created previously by trolls in an attempt to receive the Sonichu medallion. Sillynipples managed to make Chris fall in love with this non-existent identity, and coerced him into sending her nudes. On September 11th of 2008, Sillynipples leaked Chris's nudes and changed their MySpace profile to a black man in a pickle suit. On that same day, Chris made an update video addressing the situation. Despite his humiliation, Chris still made an attempt to regain whom he thought to be Blanca as his sweetheart. On September 12, he contacted Sillynipples and demanded they have a Skype call in order to regain his trust. The next day, Chris confessed his love to her over Skype and gave her his address. Later, Sillynipples tried to convince Chris that Blanca was a black transvestite, to no avail.

By the end of 2008, multiple internet personalities were talking to Chris, most of which were posing as a made-up person.

After Chris realized his mistake in believing in Blanca, he decided to declare his TRUE and HONEST love for Panda on September 24, 2008, through a Sonichu drawing.


Panda was a troll who toyed with Chris for a while, discovering how desperate he was for sex. Panda really pushed the limits of acceptable behavior, and their conversations show just how gullible Chris can be when china is on the line. A good example is how she verbally abuses Chris while claiming that she's starting to fall in love with Robert Simmons V, occasionally typing extremely obvious and specific insults to Chris and easily passing it off as some kind of bizarre form of Tourette's syndrome, or easily getting Chris to agree to bizarre sex acts, such as convincing him to have sex with a dog for her pleasure (for the record, he said he'd be willing to have sex with a collie, like Lassie)[5]. She managed to obtain the first footage of Chris masturbating and audio of Chris talking about his sexual opinions. He also sent Panda a PSP that was originally intended for Megan.

In a disturbing act of revenge, Clyde Cash flew to Australia and raped Panda.[6] She fell pregnant with Clyde's child, a fact which didn't appear to faze Chris in the slightest. Clyde immediately and generously offered to take care of Panda and their baby in his mansion, whereas Chris "subtly" pressured Panda into getting an abortion. As Chris was in the middle of lecturing Clyde about forgiveness, he was in an unusually forgiving mood, and actively encouraged Panda to abandon her child to the man who'd raped her so Panda could live with Chris in his parents' house. While Clyde offered to house not only Panda and their child, but Chris as well, his stipulation that Chris would have to get a job nixed that idea. There was also the issue that Clyde's act of rape had gotten Panda addicted to sex (which, as a man who has learned everything he knows about sex from porn, Chris didn't at all question), and she expressed some interest in regular threesomes with Chris and Clyde. In the end, Panda gave Chris an ultimatum: talk to Nintendo to make Sonichu a reality so that Chris could support their future family together, and she would gladly abort Clyde's baby and live with him as his sex-addicted, baby-spewing wife. Failure to do so meant she would live with Clyde in his mansion and raise their child together. Chris, of course, wouldn't put in the effort to get the only two things he had ever truly cared about, and forfeited Panda to Clyde.

Panda seemingly ceased to exist when Chris failed to meet her ultimatum, and Chris convinced himself that PandaHalo was one of the 173 people who died in the Black Saturday bushfires of February 2009.

Chris would quickly bounce back, winning the heart of Julie in a relationship that would elicit far more disturbing revelations.

Julie was a persona created by BlueSpike, a 13 year old troll who posed as Julie and Julie’s brother Max.

Chris had promised his virginity to both PandaHalo and Julie, and both ladies were furious, with Julie threatening to kill herself.[14] Later she calmed down and moved to Ohio to live with relatives. Ever classy, Chris suggested a threesome with PandaHalo.[15] Chris refused to drive to Ohio, instead insisting that Julie come to him.

This happened often, where two trolls posing as giflriends would confuse Chris and act all jealous and then threaten suicide.

In an infamous video on 20 February 2009, Chris created a sex video for Julie with the help of his inflatable assistant Kimmi, in order to give Julie an idea of what their first time together would be like. Chris's tender and passionate cries of "JULAAAAAAAY!" would prove one of the most striking and memorable of CWC-isms; to this date, many erroneously believe that Kimmi is Julie. This is not so; Chris may be the most desperate man alive, but he's not quite got to the point where he's convinced himself any of his sex dolls are real.

Max Milvana was the abusive brother of Julie. The Max persona was typically used for instances where Julie was in peril, or when BlueSpike wanted to engage in tormenting Chris directly.

Receipts from Chris's epic journey to Cleveland. Note that he asked for no pickles on the mayo hamburger, and that the place he at was a Sonic Drive-In.

Max and Clyde Cash would convince Chris that he kidnapped Julie at the Miscreant Headquarters in Cleaveland, Ohio,[1] and is planning to send her over to China.[19] Her kidnap by her brother led to Chris's ill-fated rescue mission to Cleveland. In response, Chris valiantly travelled all the way to Ohio in a bid to rescue her and got his parents all worried. (His ancestors' spirits had wished him "a Safe Trip to Ohio" two days prior at Aunt Corrina's funeral.)[20] Unfortunately, because Chris got the "wrong" address, he ended up at a run-down house in the ghetto that was inhabited by an elderly black woman.[21]

Under the Max persona, BlueSpike would also hack into Chris's Yahoo! and PSN accounts, threatening Chris that he will either take Julie away or sell both of the accounts on eBay. He would goad Chris into doing various embarassing things in order to get the accounts back, ranging from raging, to stating that he is a homo, to declaring BILLY MAYS as the new mayor of CWCville.

On 3 March 2009, Max gained control of Chris's PlayStation Network account, and during an hour-long audio session threatened to sell the PSN account and forbid Julie from seeing Chris. Chris was coerced into declaring BILLY MAYS to be the mayor of CWCville and shoving the pieces of his destroyed Sonichu medallion up his anal cavity, before he was able to talk to Julie, at which point Julie admits that both she and Max were the figments of BlueSpike's imagination.

Just a few weeks after Julie revealed her true identity, Chris had moved onto thinking he'd found another sweetheart online, and just a few weeks after that he had no trouble believing that he was having virtual sex with a famous Disney Channel celebrity.

Chris didn't let this put him down, though, and shortly after this fiasco got in touch with Emily.


In March 2009, shortly after Julie turned out to be a thirteen-year-old boy, Chris vowed that he would return to his real-life exploits of stalking women in public places in order to gain his sweetheart. Emily, a journalism student and head of the Sonichu Girls chapter at West Virginia University (and totally not a troll), decided to take Chris up on his offer and asked if he'd liked to go out to lunch sometime.

Chris actually stood up Emily the first time, on 16 March 2009, because he was so stressed from his parents arguing over whether she was real or not. Bob believed that Emily was sincere and truly wanted to meet Chris, while Barb was more suspicious. Chris's small mind could not handle two simultaneous arguments and so he didn't go.[3] Emily was pissed off about this and demanded that Chris reschedule. Chris agreed and a new date was set.

When Chris finally did meet up for the date (on 19 March 2009 at Charlottesville Fashion Square), he brought his 81-year-old father, Bob Chandler, along. Yes, he brought his dad on his first date. At least it wasn't his mother.

The date was weird but Emily was polite. At the end of the date, Chris was trolled IRL by a man in a pickle suit! And Emily left with the Pickleman.Chris actually admitted later that he was proud of himself for not shitting his pants.

So at the end of the date, Emily tried to be polite and hug Chris but he like hugged her really tight and she was tiny so his arm around her neck was like gigantic and heavy, and he kind of tried to wrap around her and kiss her, and she had to like forcefully twist out of the hug to avoid his lips.

Ivy Saga

Ivy was a troll posing as a fan requesting a video shoutout from Chris for her friend.

Disappointed with Emily's no-show, Chris was now much more animated with Ivy, and told her, "If things don't work out with Emily I would consider you for my new heartsweet." The very next day, 19 March, after the Emily date and Clyde Cash's hooker incident, Chris called Ivy. They discussed video games, art, and handwriting. She sent him a self-portrait along with a drawing of her personal Sonichu character "Layla" (see above), and Chris shared with Ivy sexual fantasies involving Layla and Reginald. He told Ivy, "I love you." What follows was massive levels of creepiness not even the most hardened of trolls were ready for.

From this point onwards, Chris was utterly smitten with Ivy, and genuinely thought that this would be his lucky break and a chance to end his tenure as a Virgin with Rage.

Things were moving quickly, but of course a classy college girl like Ivy wasn't going to arrange a sleepover at the Chandlers' sight unseen. Her next request, a tour of the property, ignited a slow-forming but ultimately epic meltdown; his parents proceeded to get pissed at him for filming their house and putting it on the internet without their consent, fearing that the local health department could see it and condemn their house.

Chris also shared details with Ivy about his incontinence issues and Barb's constant effort to persuade him to wear protective liners or, as he called them, "butt garments".

As April dawned, Rocky Shoemaker very nearly pulled the Chandlers, kicking and screaming, out of their vortex of stupidity. Luckily for Ivy, she had already passed all of the Chandlers' tests for TRUTH and HONESTY,[3] and so was spared most of the (brief) fallout. By this point, Chris had sent multiple fetish videos to Ivy. Rocky put a temporary halt to Chris's video production, but Ivy convinced him that everything would be fine as long as he deleted the videos from YouTube as soon as she had saved them. Yet even as one crisis passed, another emerged when a mutual friend introduced Chris to Vanessa Hudgens.

Vanessa Hudgens

Yes, the actress and singer Vanessa Hudgens. And Chris totally believed that Vanessa Hudgens was messaging him online and wanting to be his girlfriend.

(This was actually aguy named Johsua Hernandez)

Since "Vanessa" told Chris she had written her own Wikipedia biography, Chris felt that he had a righteous claim to do so as well. On 5 June 2009, after failing at his attempt to write his own Wikipedia biography, Chris tried to get a section on his supposed relationship with Vanessa Hudgens added to her Wikipedia page. Using the now-banned username of Sonichusaysyeswecan, Chris stated that "Vanessa and I are very close friends, and we have been working together much as of late. I think that this should be mentioned in the article."

12 August 2009), he admitted that he had finally realized that he had not really been talking to Vanessa Hudgens. He added that "Vanessa" had always used Joshua's screenname when talking to him.

Vanessa Aim Chats:

Second chat, 14 April 2009. Vanessa wastes little time in trying to seduce Chris. Chris remains faithful to Ivy for a few minutes before delving into disgusting cyber-hanky-panky, showcasing some disturbing sexual habits, including playing the female role, barking like a dog and shouting "SHAZAM!" during intercourse.

Eventually, Bob and Barb found out that Josh had used the Vanessa persona to con Chris into buying an overpriced PSP from him. Bob and Barb went to the police with the intent of capturing Josh. However, Rocky Shoemaker intervened and asked the police to investigate the trolls. Because of this, Ivy broke her ties with Chris. Additionally, Bob and Barb also found out that Chris had been stealing money from Barb. Because of this, Bob decided to take matters into his own hands and sue Josh in a small claims court. What happened afterwards is not known, however, it is clear that once Josh was found out, he went quiet, and has not interacted with Chris ever since.


The Miscreants also posed as this guy who was like a video game creator at Nintendo, Shigeru Miyamoto, and they emailed Chris as Miyamoto saying something like “i dont normally write to people personally but your fans have been writing us about creating a sonichu game… well unfortunately we’re not willing to do that because first of all, Sonichu is literally just two existing characters mashed into one.”

It continues:

Second of all, I have read your comics and they would not make a good concept for a game. It seems as though your comics are all about you and your personal problems.

You seem to have created a sort of alternate reality based around you and you only. You must understand one thing if you want to make a game. Video games are a medium where you must think of what other people want. Nobody wants to play a game where it\'s all about you and you only. Nobody wants to play a game about a person\'s inner thoughts and their problems with the world. People have problems of their own. People play games to escape from the problems of the real world, into a reality that they can feel a part of. Your game idea doesn\'t provide that. It only focuses on you and the things that bother you.

Shortly after receiving the above, Chris posted the following entry on his blog.

The Big Brain behind Super Mario, Zelda and other Popular Nintendo characters and games, Shigeru Miyamoto, sent me an e-mail with his response to the Sonichu Game Project. He says Nay, but I bet's he could be holding out on us, or something. So, I say this unto you, my loyal fans, continue with the e-mails and Forum Talks with Nintendo and SEGA of America or Japan. They are missing out on a REAL Profitable thing they can work with me on and cash in handsomely. I sent a detailed reply, but it came back to me in a "Mailer Daemon" message, so I've taken the liberty of printing a copy of the original message, and a copy of my reply that I will send to Nintendo of America for them to transfer to Mr. Miyamoto himself. Give them time and messages.

Chris's flat out refusal to acknowledge the unpleasant truth proved to be an early example of his delusional thinking.

There were also field agents which were trolls who went real-life to meet Chris while wearing wires. One of these was the man in the pickle suit, the one who intercepted Emily during Chris’ only date ever. There was also Robert Simmons V, who was originally an anti-troll who befriended Chris, but would eventually find out that Chris was a perverted, pathological liar, and a homophobe, and then Clyde Cash would end up turning him into a field agent.


A man known only as Liquid Chris appears on YouTube, claiming that he is the copyright holder of Sonichu, and that he is the real Christian Chandler. Chris doesn't take lightly to this threat, and as July draws to a close, the situation becomes grimmer and grimmer. On the last days of July, Chris initiates the SingStar Challenge, a singing competition that should determine who is the real Chris-Chan.

As expected, the contest went to Liquid, the absolute chad, and Solid, as always, was a sore loser about it. Liquid had a tally of four votes in favor, two against. He then took his leave from the competition, after announcing a number of personal coups:

  • That he'd finally found a true sweetheart, Kacey.

  • That he'd landed a job as a Production Manager and Game Designer at Microsoft for a Sonichu game for all consoles.

  • That Dark Horse Comics would be publishing his Sonichu comics, making him even more filthy rich, with the opening of the CWCStore.

The first half of August is mainly filled with a large war between Chris and Liquid Chris about who is the real Christian Weston Chandler, but it is also slowly becoming apparent that Chris has his eyes on Liquid's girlfriend, Kacey.

On 14 August 2009, Liquid announced that he was departing YouTube for the time being to pursue turning his Sonichu series into an acclaimed media franchise.

Of course, this sent Solid completely over the deep end. First, he raged:


Liquid Chris was actually 2 trolls, a pair of twins who both impersonated Chris. They created this weird video that was supposed to be like, the real chris kidnapping the fake chris.

Liquid Chris's sweetheart, Kacey, was distraught over the event and posted a video confirming Chris's disappearance and announcing her withdrawal from their engagement.

When the dust had settled, Solid's behavior had offended Kacey's father and, through his immaturity, pushed Kacey back into the loving TRUE and HONEST arms of the Liquid.

So Kacey was a real person by the way, she was the girlfriend of the troll Liquid Chris and ended up kind of trolling Chris Chan by pretending to be part of this love triangle and searching for the real Chris Chan.

Chris' chances were utterly dashed after she got a hold of his comic to her and learned that he was willing to go and shoot Liquid Chris. Horrified, Kacey scorned Chris for his actions in a final phone call to him, never to speak to him again.

In August 2009, Bob scolded Chris for his incompetence because Chris uploaded videos on YouTube of a tour of their home (Ivy and Julie both requested these) and the house was a hygienic disaster, so Bob and Barbara were literally afraid that the health department would come and seize the home.

-video clip-

In addition to creating many, many mirrors of the videos Bob wanted cut down, some more intrepid viewers actually did contact the Greene County Health Department. The Health Department did respond (3 weeks later) to one such letter, although they seemed indifferent and stated the Chandler's decision to live in a garbage house full of dirty dishes and animal feces was part of their inalienable rights as guaranteed by the US Constitution;

Eventually, Chris decided to revisit his old nemesis Clyde Cash in 2010, believing he was the reason why he lost the heart of "The Wallflower".

"The Wallflower" is the codename of Megan Schroeder's heiress, a female friend that Chris met some time around early 2010. She is one of the few girls Chris has managed to associate with in his post-high school years who is not (as far as can be seen) a direct result of trolling. In March 2010, she joined the long list of would-be sweethearts with whom Chris failed to lose his hated virginity.

The Wallflower wanted the relationship over after a troll linked The Wallflower to the CWCki. The ending of their relationship is most likely a result of having her details leaked over the Internet and Chris exacerbating the problem. Nevertheless, Chris has taken it upon himself to blame those goddamn trolls for destroying yet another chance at getting some china.

In a video, he is shown fighting Clyde, then pulling a knife and slitting Clyde's throat as a warning to all trolls.

On 5 April 2010, Chris's second The HooK Café ad was discovered, further cementing the fact that he only wants a sweetheart for the hanky-panky. Said ad was deleted on 9 April.

During this time, Chris would meet and begin talking to a woman named Jackie, who would become Chris's focus throughout the month. Having learned something from the previous incidents, Chris kept a low profile on her. It seems they kind of took a break throughout the summer.

June. Chris traveled to The GAMe PLACe with the desire to take a picture of Michael Snyder (the manager who banned him for screaming at a kid)

On 6 June 2010, Chris had a few beers and drove to the PLACe to make a dartboard out of Mike's picture. When several people came out of the store to confront him, Chris got back in his car and attempted to flee, nearly hitting Snyder twice as he attempted to block Chris's escape. Two police officers present at the shopping center stopped the fracas. At that moment Michael appeared on YouTube and commented "Christian is in my parking lot right now being grilled by the police. He took pictures of my daughter and tried to run me over with his car. They witness this, and I bet they still do nothing about it." The officers listened to both sides, and then let Chris off with a warning after making him delete the pictures he'd taken. To present his side of the story, Chris posted an incredibly delusional video in which he claimed that Michael had jumped on top of his hood and shouted, "YOU'RE DEAD! YOU'RE DEAD!" He admitted to trying to flee from the police, and saw nothing wrong with his actions. Chris would tell a very similar fanciful story of another assault four years later. Chris didn't tell his parents about this incident.

Chris's hatred of Michael only grew. He began to insinuate that Michael was a child molester based on no evidence whatsoever.[13] He also assumed that Michael was a violent maniac. While making plans to visit the store in April 2010, Chris wrote, "I pray he won't get violent; if he does, I will defend myself".[14] On another occasion he said that he was so afraid of Mike that he did not want to confront him while "unarmed" and alone.[15] Ironically, Chris himself has on many occasions expressed violent urges against Michael, whether it was telling Lars that he would shoot Michael if he had a gun,[16] or wishing that the PLACe would burn down with Mike inside.[17]

Throughout this summer, Chris was online less and he was often seen at public events being a creeper. Like, he would try to strike up conversation with really young women (like clearly high school aged) and he was seen taking a camera lens and pressing it to his eye like a telescope, and watching women.

By September 2010, Chris and Jackie had settled down into a friendly long-distance correspondence, as evidenced by their chats. (Jackie was a catfish too btw).

In September 2010, Jackie repeatedly asked Chris to draw very specific pictures of the two of them having sex. As Jackie had a gangbang fetish, she requested that Chris draw multiple men masturbating to the sight of Chris and Jackie having sex.[3] Chris repeatedly attempted to cop out of the deal by either drawing women or somehow concealing the male genitalia on their onlookers (at one point claiming that a puddle of semen counted as one man who had finished masturbating and left the scene). On May 6 2012, a fourth picture was released, this time showing the pair having sex in a pool as two pairs of feet look on. Jackie has an odd resemblance to Lois Griffin.

On 13 September 2010 Chris uploaded a video officially proclaiming his love to Jackie. Three days later, he produced a video capitalizing on Jackie's love for the Canadian band, Crash Test Dummies, while in blackface. Chris then spent October cosplaying as various characters from The Hamburglar to his own Chris-chan Sonichu

On 30 October 2010, an inebriated-looking Chris posted a video in which he pleads Jackie to stay with him. Since there had been no further Jackie-related videos and Chris had decided to quit the Internet again, it was assumed they had split up. The actual breakup happened a couple of days later when he stopped responding to Jackie's emails.

In November, new information about Jackie was released in the form of various chats and emails. These provided valuable context about Chris's activities online throughout the latter half of 2010. The email exchanges proved that yet again, Chris is unwilling to make any improvements to his life - even to get the china he so desperately craves.

Chris and Jackie would be on and off for another few months.

In 2011, Chris started experimenting with dressing as a woman. Chris grew their hair out and started dressing in womens clothing.

August began with Chris and his tom-pals planning vengeance against the CWCki. Soon thereafter, Chris broke his lengthy internet hiatus by returning to YouTube and uploading a series of videos throughout August in which he claims to have information on the true identities of a number of trolls, including Surfshack Tito and Jack Thaddeus. These videos called for each troll to first upload a video of their own apologizing for their crimes against Chris, and then leave the internet forever. An earthquake and major hurricane hit Virginia during this month, but unfortunately, this did not stop Chris from uploading videos.

Sadly, on 6 September, Chris's father Bob died, and his funeral took place on 11 September. After that, nothing was heard from Chris.

On 18 October, Chris tried to sell an old TV (presumably Bob's) on Craigslist for more than $250, suggesting that the Chandlers' financial situation has only gotten worse since Bob's death. An incident occurred at the GAMe PLACe on 28 October, leading to the arrest of Chris and Barbara.

Chris and Barb both hit the proprietor with their vehicle and injured him. They were arrested near the scene and spent a day in jail. Both faced felony charges for failure to stop after an accident, while Chris also had trespassing and misdemeanor assault, and Barb had a second felony charge for assault on a law enforcement official. Mike filed a civil suit against them both.

The trial was held on 10 July 2012. Despite his past history with the Chandlers, Snyder magnanimously pushed for leniency in the court case, as he did not want Chris to get a felony on his record. As part of the plea bargain, however, he apparently insisted on his medical bills being paid in full by the Chandlers. This prompted Chris to openly refer to Snyder as a "thieving liar" in court (though Snyder himself was not in attendance), showing a complete lack of gratitude to a man who had showed an amazing level of kindness considering the circumstances.

Chris continues to live with his widowed mother, who along with the social security payments is his only source of income. Since his mother is in her 70s, it can be reasonably assumed that she has little time left on this earth, especially when her poor health is taken into account.

After Bob's death, Chris generally ceased interacting with trolls, seemingly no longer able to effortlessly bounce back from despair like he used to. Instead, Chris lapsed into a deep depression, no doubt exacerbated by the later loss of his home to fire, and subsequent financial difficulties.

On May 1st, Chris posts a Facebook message saying the woman he supposedly lost his virginity to can be found "somewhere on the backpage", implying she was a prostitute. Also, another drawing of Chris and Jackie having sex is leaked, as is one of The Wallflower.

2013 was pretty uneventful other than a few white knights who actually tried to reach out to Chris and help them and give them advice to improve their life. But Chris didn’t really listen.

In 2014, the house caught on fire from a frayed extension cord in the bathroom. They had the extension cord like hung over the bathroom door and going into the hallway, where they had it plugged into a coffee maker.

Because of all the hoarded crap in the house, fire fighters had to climb in through windows and had difficulty moving throughout the home.

In one of the most interesting and significant events regarding Chris's fanbase, a care package was put together from online donations, initially pooling a few hundred dollars in a matter of hours. The total amount in donations was worth almost a thousand American dollars[5] and consisted of basic necessities with a few amenities thrown in (markers, paints and modeling stuff).

After being sent, an incident occurred when a ween used the tracking number that was posted on the Internet to have the package returned midway. The package was eventually held at a post office in Charlottesville and withdrawn by the Chandlers. Chris made a Facebook post about it, thanking those involved before -- ever the picture of gratitude -- diverging to express his distaste for the CWCki. A note was sent alongside the goods:

Hey Chris!

Your Sonichu friends have heard about the house fire, and to help you out we put together a care package as CWC as we could! In a few days, 34 donated and collected over $900 towards getting this stuff out to you! Since your bathroom is where it started, I’ve focused on buying toiletries and hygienic stuff to keep you clean and healthy as you recover from the damages. I could not spend all the money collected, so I’ve also included a money order for $500 that you should give to your mother. She can cash it out and buy whatever you guys need to keep chugging. Don’t forget to get something nice for your pets, too!

I know you often feel that life is hopeless, but there’s good in the world and in people. I hope this package helps you see that. No person on the Internet can ever take away your right to be happy. You must find reasons to enjoy life, even when there are enemies trying to bring you down.

I’ve included some arts and crafts to help you take your mind off things. I think your fans would really like to see what you come up with, because it’s been a very long time since we’ve seen anything new from you. Try to create something that makes you happy and that you can be proud of.

Good luck with everything, Chris. Keep hate out of your heart and look forward to each day. We will be around if you need us.

Chris and his mother ran into acute financial difficulties as a result of the house fire on top of their existing income issues, and Chris had spent most of the year alternating between begging for money and taking commissions to make more of his artwork on Facebook, and selling autographed photos of himself on eBay (with it being pretty clear who most of his patrons were). Despite the severity of the Chandler family's financial issues, Chris chose to blow literally thousands of dollars on children's toys instead of working to resolve his debts. Naturally, his "art" and photographs are only really of any value to fans, who purchased these items as a means to keep a roof over Chris's head.

Mid 2014

Chris came out on Facebook as a "Lesbian Identified Male" and self-described "Intersex" "Cross-Dressing Tranny". He also expressed solidarity with the movement for LGBT equality, although he was very unhappy about having to include gay males. He also revealed he had a new girlfriend.

In early July 2014, fans discovered that Chris had created an updated OKCupid profile. Later that summer, Chris announced that he had found himself a new sweetheart. The first public indication was on 29 August, when a member of Kiwi Farms revealed that she had received an autographed photo of Chris which included a note, signed 18 August 2014, in which Chris said that he had a "girlfriend."[2] On 31 August, Chris claimed on Facebook to have gone on a date with his girlfriend while wearing a Britney Spears perfume.[3] On the same day he also changed his Facebook relationship status from "single" to "in a relationship," and according to the status change, the relationship had begun on 9 July.[4] In the next few weeks he made a few more Facebook references to his unnamed sweetheart. On 5 September, Chris told his eBay customers that the commissions they had ordered would be delayed because he was busy with his girlfriend.[5]

Chris's fans were entertained by this new development, but there was great controversy over whether or not Catherine was a bona fide sweetheart. The responsible trolls did a good job of keeping a tight lid on things through the fall. On 11 September, Chris responded to his fanbase's skepticism with this status:

I want to make something very clear. My Girlfriend and Sweetheart is Very Real; she is NOT a Hooker or Prostitute. And I certainly am Not spending money on Hookers or Prostitutes.

Chris, carefully using the present tense[6]

It would not be until December that the inner circle would spill the beans and finally reveal that Catherine had been a troll, initiating the leaking of documents.

Catherine on a date with Chris:

“I tried to keep the Catie interactions as normal as possible, as weird as that probably sounds. Chris wanted to spend an entire day together, go bra-shopping at Target with him, wanted me to spend the night and watch movies with him, even asked me what I like for breakfast so he could buy it. It would have been kind of nice behavior if it weren't the first time he was going to meet this woman. I told him a few times that I wasn't going to spend the night with him, but he persisted in believing I would.

Chris expects Catie to move into 14BC with him and Barb. He had previously expressed willingness to move to [another town in Virginia] with Catie, but he's either changed his mind or forgotten or both. Chris thinks Barb could handle little kids in the house too, when Al asked how he would have a family living with his mother. Chris thinks Barb would be a great babysitter and caretaker, so I guess there goes Chris's plans to be a House Husband.

He kept trying to hold my hand so I negotiated lunch like a t-Rex with strumpy little arms. Then he tried footsie under the table. And he stared at my tits a lot. I kept hoping Cousin Al would say something but he never did. In retrospect I should've called him out on it.

When he offered to show us 14BC, we took him upon it. We followed him even though Al knew where we were going. Chris seriously drives like my demented old grandma who doesn't have a license anymore because she kept going the wrong way up one way streets.

Chris said, "This isn't how I imagined bringing a girl home!"

He keeps a pic of Catie on his nightstand and practices kisses on it. I should have told him that was creepy as hell but at the time I was just way too stunned that he even had it there. He introduced me to Bob via an old picture. He kept putting his arm around me and getting creepy too close so I kept moving around and fake sneezing. I thought it was because he's creepy, Al thinks it's his autism, but it's likely both. Funnily enough he mentioned earlier that his experiences with Megan taught him NOT to do that touchy creepy thing. He was bragging about it.

When we made our escape, Chris said, "You asked what a girl like me was doing in a place like this?" (No Chris!!) "Well I'm waiting for the sweetest most honest woman in my life!" And put his arm around me to kiss me so I sneezed again to get him to back off. I waved at him when we got into the car and he still thinks I blew him a kiss.

He gave me a goodie bag of shit, mostly My Little Pony related. There were the two pictures he drew of me, and the CD. There was an MLP iPhone case because he also wanted to take me shopping for an iPhone to put on his plan so he could call me as much as he wanted. I turned him down but he said I could regift it. No clue what happened to it at this point.

Chris wanted to kiss me after the second outing (which I adamantly declared was not a date, several times, which Chris refused to accept), and I said no. That's weird, that's creepy, we aren't dating.... NO. He asked for a hug, instead, and I still said no because I said it felt uncomfortable since we weren't dating. So instead he "walked me to the car" and as I was getting in he just half climbed in after me and hugged me really awkwardly, bent in half since I was sitting down, face-down in my tits. His hair smells awful and his hairline is like half back on his head. It was one of many moments where I was so stunned I couldn't meaningfully react.

Even before their first date, Chris was so hopeful about their future together that he sent three Apology Letters to Charlottesville locations in a bid to lift bans against him, specifically so that he and Catherine could go out together in public. He thought it important that the manager of Charlottesville Fashion Square know that he and Catherine "deeply Love (NOT to be confused with the act of intercourse) and care for each other with honesty and compassion."

On 9 December, Catherine finally said the words that got through: "I just don't want to be in a relationship with you."

I am feeling sad. While she still wants to be friends, Catie just told me she does not want to be in a relationship with me; essentially dumping me.

Chris to Renee, 10 December 2014[12]

Chris spent the next several days hurling abuse at Catherine, essentially denying her the right to break up with him.

I do think I Am Entitled in a True, Valid Relationship with a woman very much like you, because I Need The Love, and not only that, but I Am Of Royalty in the Weston Bloodline.

Chris to Catherine, 14 December 2014[13]

By the time he had calmed down, Catherine no longer wanted his friendship.

Dec 2014 Chris got a small piercing in his perineum… that’s, the taint. Chris thought this was a good substitute for a clit piercing. He called it the “unclit”.

After a couple of weeks the piercing started to reject (not uncommon in surface piercings) and chris decided to repierce it Chrisself using a safety pin.

denied that there is no such thing as a male lesbian (citing Yahoo! Answers as proof). While he seemed to soften his stance on gay men (very reluctantly), he also indicated that he hated his own duck, in addition to his pre-existing hatred of pickles in general. Chris also took up swanning around attending LGBTQ events around Charlottesville, including attending a Halloween party at a gay bar dressed as a lesbian from the 70s. At such events, he obviously mingled with people infinitely more accepting and kind than himself. Naturally, it was only a matter of time before Chris would make a more serious commitment to his lifestyle change when he officially began to transition.

Chris made this threat because the 2014 game Sonic Boom (and the accompanying TV series) changed the color of Sonic's arms from tan to blue.

You Either Recall EVERYTHING of the new Sonic Boom, RIGHT NOW, or I will Seriously RIP HIS ARMS OFF and Seriously Watch You All At SEGA DIE from this most Heinous Of Crimes EVER!!!


Chris had already been engaging in various acts of protest, mainly vandalism, in an attempt to force local retailers to stop selling Sonic Boom. As a result, he had already been banned from every GameStop within driving distance of his temporary home. Nevertheless, on the day after Christmas, while on a trip to Charlottesville Fashion Square (from which he may have already been banned) with his mother, Chris visited the GameStop outlet.

staff said they'd already caught him vandalizing Sonic Boom merchandise and had banned him accordingly. They had been on the lookout for him, suggesting this wasn't the first time he tried to return after being banned. Furthermore, knowing Chris's penchant for lying unconvincingly, committing further acts of vandalism may indeed have been his real agenda that day.

Whatever the truth, he entered the store wearing a pair of purple My Little Pony-branded sunglasses designed for little girls, apparently as a disguise. Naturally, he still stuck out like a sore thumb. After arguing with staff, he strode towards the store entrance, commanding the staff "Don't call anybody!" Just before he left, he brandished a pink can of pepper spray, and sprayed the assistant manager (or "Ass Manager," as Chris would later call him). The employee was later confirmed to be unharmed, although he did leave work after the incident.

While he claimed it was to purchase some Skylanders merchandise, it doesn't really matter what possessed him to go there; staff said they'd already caught him vandalizing Sonic Boom merchandise and had banned him accordingly. They had been on the lookout for him, suggesting this wasn't the first time he tried to return after being banned. Furthermore, knowing Chris's penchant for lying unconvincingly, committing further acts of vandalism may indeed have been his real agenda that day.

Whatever the truth, he entered the store wearing a pair of purple My Little Pony-branded sunglasses designed for little girls, apparently as a disguise. Naturally, he still stuck out like a sore thumb. After arguing with staff, he strode towards the store entrance, commanding the staff "Don't call anybody!" Just before he left, he brandished a pink can of pepper spray, and sprayed the assistant manager (or "Ass Manager," as Chris would later call him). The employee was later confirmed to be unharmed, although he did leave work after the incident.

On Sunday, 28 December, a member of Kiwi Farms contacted Albemarle Regional Jail and confirmed that Chris was being held there, and was awaiting video court the next morning. A followup call from a 4chan troll[2] revealed that the GameStop's assistant manager would be pressing charges. After his weekend in jail, Chris was charged with his Class 6 felony, posted the $2,500 bail, and was released on recognizance.

The Internet learned of the above drama when Tumblr user "monozettai" uploaded an on-the-scene video (below).[3] In the short clip, Chris, clad in full tomgirl regalia, throws away any pity points he may have earned by macing a man who is clearly not threatening Chris in any way. It later became viral and one of the most-viewed videos in Christory. Notably, Chris did nothing to get the video taken down, either because he was unaware of its existence or aware of the Streisand effect.

a video uploaded to YouTube by Chris on 29 October 2015. It features a supposedly-complete turnaround in his opinions on homos and homosexuality

had sex with a doll on YouTube and filed to change his name to Christine.

Chris made a couple of videos pleading for donations for Barb’s asthma meds. Barb appears, looking unwell.

Chris would sell custom artwork and videos of himself in order to help his financial situation, but he would often collect the money and spend it on toys or games, and then neglect to fulfill orders for months (if at all).

Began prostitution–

In early 2016, Chris began watching YouTube videos from the channel Subliminal Frequency Hypnosis Wizard Binaural Beats, in an attempt to deal with his gender dysphoria and improve his health for free and without any sort of effort. He has liked a grand number of videos — per instructions on the video description — and has left several comments on them.

His belief in the videos culminated on 15 July 2016, when he naïvely believed that a vagina was growing within him due to the videos, and cut his taint open with a knife to "free it". Despite being told to see a doctor after his announcement on 24 July, and acknowledging it as a wound, Chris continued to have faith in the videos, liking a video called Super Biokinesis Booster on 27 July.

On 24 July 2016, Chris announced in a Facebook post that he had grown vaginal labia from his hypnosis regimen. Chris later posted two more messages; first claiming that he had his "labia area" examined, and then declaring that it was all a ruse. Of course, these were proven to be blatant lies. Chris had edited the message about the exam, changing his story as he went on. If that wasn't telling enough, a second picture provided by insiders in contact with Chris displayed the wound from another angle, making it extremely unlikely to be a Photoshop hoax.

Unlike the first picture, in which the "labia" was posed for his fanbase on Facebook, the second exhibited how badly Chris was handling what could have evolved into a life-threatening infection: he is shown spreading the wound as if it were a vagina.

Chris initially responded to direct attempts at getting him to see a doctor by replying that he already had and everything was fine - something no trusted doctor would ever say regarding this outrageous situation. He then deleted all related posts in an attempt at damage control.

Marvin confirmed that Chris sought treatment after the posts went public and people hassled him into finally admitting that his "labia" was in fact a wound.

TONS of people, even friendly anti-trolls were like “my dude. Listen. Stop posting nudes. You’re feeding the trolls. You’re hurting yourself, stop doing this. We’re trying to help you.”

On 26 July, a Kiwi Farms user named Innocuous Banter texted Chris, who again claimed that he had been cleared by a doctor. When asked what the doctor had to say about the "labia," Chris responded with, "It is coming in good" and that it is normal-looking. Chris also believes it will finish growing in "a few months."

Marvin later mentioned just how difficult it had been to get Chris to get to a doctor.[8]

  • Chris was pressured into going to the ER.

  • However, he lied to the ER doctors and simply said that his testicles hurt, and based on that, the doctor prescribed Tylenol.

  • Chris showed copies of the ER documents to the people who had told him to go there.

  • They quickly determined he had lied and ordered him to go back, at which point he finally complied.

Chris himself did not publicly give an update on his treatment, being too embarrassed to bring it up. However, several months later, during a September 2016 interview, Chris is asked about the taint wound, and he gives a flustered response:

Please, please, please! No comment! No comment! Everything’s healed up, it’s all good, I’m still alive, let’s just l – give that…let’s just leave that – lie – lay that down to rest.

Break for part 2 here???

August 2016–

On 10 August 2016, Chris posted a response to a mother-son couple who were arrested for incest. He admitted to "[having] dreams of having sex with my mother" but "Never acting on them ever." Among other things, he also implied that incest "offers a chance for better teaching the child how to better satisfy their eventual partner(s)."

In 2017, the Financhu Crisis continued to stress the Chandlers. Chris offered pieces of his late father's stamp collection, the Sonic Totem and The Classic for sale in order to afford more toys, a $400 gold necklace for Barb, and the extremely costly expenses for his raffle prizes. He and Barb also continued begging. One of his friends from The End Games Pokémon Club grew concerned and gave him solid advice on how to apply for work through Virginia's DARS program – and in true Chris fashion, instead of following it, he went on an angry tirade.

Another sweetheart saga took place in the fall. Jessica Quinn, a long-time white knight, suddenly turned troll by pretending she had fallen in love with him. She broke up with him twice, the first time he cried on camera for her to take him back, and the final time, he raged on video against the trolls he thought were to blame. He recovered quickly after drowning his sorrows at an ice cream shop…

Summer 2017- Bronycon

Chris drove all the way to Baltimore to visit the convention, staying for the full three days, spending the money he had taken from Patreon instead of on bills (causing a two-week delay in shipping his August books to patrons.

The trip also marks a point in Chris's rejection of reality – during the convention, he believed his imaginary friend Magi-Chan was present with him, even dancing with thin air under the belief that Magi-Chan was his dance partner.

Chris would later recap this event in a tweet the following year:

I was feeling really tired from the shock of the Parking Garage I had my car in CLOSED at Midnight while I was at the Grand Galloping Gala, Immune to Adagio’s manipulations, and dancing with my then future husband, Magi-Chan Sonichu. YAY![7]


After having his heart shattered by Jessica Quinn, another troll, the Idea Guy, began to influence Chris by role-playing as his imaginary friends and convincing him that he was providing information from CWCville's dimension, which Chris accepted out of having his fantasy world validated; along the way, another Idea Guy joined with the first. Together, they used their influence over Chris's beliefs to brainwash Chris into believing several things about himself, such as the idea that he was bisexual and half-Sonichu, which ultimately culminated in Chris developing a Messiah complex derived from his own delusions about the nature of reality and the lore of Hyperdimension Neptunia.

In September 2017, Joshua Wise contacted Chris to commission artwork.[2] With the two in contact, Wise decided to see for himself Chris's gullibility.[3] In late October 2017, he again contacted Chris, posing as John Yamada. As "Yamada", Wise claimed to be a soldier from Gamindustri - a location set in the franchise Hyperdimension Neptunia - and inquired if Chris still had his old Sega Dreamcast console, telling him it contained a possible portal into CWCville.[4][5] Wise used the lore from Neptunia to play into Chris's existing preconceptions about reality and his belief that fictional worlds exist in alternate dimensions, giving him validation over those beliefs, which would both prime Chris for falling under Wise's spell and eventually, encourage him to retreat further into his fantasy world to cope with his real world problems.

The key component of Wise's schemes was role-playing as various entities, including Chris's own imaginary friends and goddesses from Hyperdimension Neptunia. By December 2017, Wise was role-playing as at least 13 different characters to Chris, including his persona John Yamada and numerous Neptunia characters.[8] Chris was so entranced under Wise's tactics that he believed it when Wise role-played as the Chris of CWCville and told him he had converted to Satanism.[9] Chris believed the entities were borrowing John Yamada's computer to communicate with him across dimensions.[10]

To accompany the role-playing, Wise also crafted storylines, heavily inspired from video games, designed to infiltrate Chris's beliefs, such as Payday 2 antagonist Akan attacking CWCville and kidnapping Chris's imaginary friend Silvana,[11] and CWCville being occupied by Russians and Nazis. Wise also utilized doctored audio clips, such as Red Forest, and photoshopped images, which "John Yamada" presented to Chris as documents from CWCville and Gamindustri.

He's trying to use his "Creator powers" to return Cwcville to it's original state before I showed up, but I keep telling him every time he does this, it causes more trouble than actual solutions.

Idea Guy Wise.[9]

And [the Idea Guys] said "nah, [your fix] didn't work, so-and-so undid your attempt". Chris' response was basically "dang".

Guard Dog Marvin on the extent of the Idea Guys' control over Chris's psyche.[16]

When Wise's John Yamada persona first contacted Chris, he used lore from the Hyperdimension Neptunia video game franchise to say that Chris's Sega Dreamcast console possibly contained a portal into CWCville. Chris decided to run the console for 24 hours, place his hand on it, felt a shock, and imagined that it meant the Neptunia goddess within it was possessing him.[18][19] Furthermore, after having been in contact with Wise's Neptunia CPU goddess personas, Chris decided to abandon the Christian religion in favor of Neptunia, and one reason he cited was that he could "actually communicate" with the Neptunia goddesses.[8] Eventually, after the Idea Guys were ousted, the influence resulted in Chris identifying as a goddess, CPU Blue Heart.

The Idea Guys influenced and brainwashed into Chris many alterations to his fantasy world including his imaginary friends and his imaginary city CWCville. These include Wild Sonichu becoming a drug addict, the creation of Bundychu (who befriends the spirit of Chris's late father), Brendan Fraser being elected the mayor of CWCville, and several other concepts.

In December 2017, Wise told Chris that Hyperdimension Neptunia goddess Neptune would be waiting to meet him at a GameStop; Chris decided to go to the Forest Lakes location (from which he had been banned) and waited outside in his car, honking his horn and shouting her name, and then peered inside the store and scanned the interior looking for her.[24]

In January 2018, Chris believed that imaginary friends Magi-Chan and his father figure and mentor, Mewtwo, had gotten married in a "loving triage" with Silvana.[25] Two months later, the Idea Guys pushed further and got Chris to believe he married Magi-Chan and became a part of the polyamorous marriage. Additionally, they brainwashed Chris into believing this made him bisexual.

The manipulation of Chris over his fantasy world gradually escalated. In January 2018, Wise role-played as Nazis and led Chris to believe they had bugged his Christine Doll. Chris retaliated by destroying it in Smashing. Days later, Chris also destroyed his miniature Christmas tree in Get Out, You D*** Nazis.

The Idea Guys had brainwashed Chris into believing himself a pedophile by telling him that the BlueSpike cyber sex logs and having had crushes on high school classmates during high school counted as pedophilia.

The Guard Dogs alleged that the Idea Guys managed to extort $6,000 worth of gift cards, video games, and other accessories from Chris by threatening to destroy his imaginary city CWCville: not only that, Boyd also demanded $20,000,[32] or else he would report Chris as a pedophile to the FBI.[2] Guard Dog The Captain also stated that the Idea Guys had "forced Chris to record a series of videos to his Google Drive [...] in order to use them as leverage against him in the future," which included content such as Tour of Chris's House III, Chris slaps himself, and an unreleased two-hour video of Chris reacting to "grotesque pornography".[2]

To pay off the Idea Guys, Chris raised money from eBay sales of his toys and pieces of the Chandler hoard. Guard Dog The Captain stated that the Idea Guys "were telling him what to sell/urging him to dig through more boxes, etc. in an effort to find things to hawk on eBay to make money for them."[36] In addition, $1,200 gifted to him from Jack Jankowski, meant to go towards attending BronyCon 2018, was sent to the Idea Guys. Though this were not enough to satisfy their demands, as in April 2018, Chris withheld a mortgage payment, putting the Chandlers at severe risk of losing their home.[37]

On 24 April 2018, with Chris in dire financial straits, the Idea Guys influenced him into posting a tweet offering to prostitute himself.[38] He stated his price to be $50 for blowjobs and $100 for butt sex.[39] Days later, the Idea Guys were removed from power by the Guard Dogs, and the situation did not escalate further. In May, Chris disavowed the prostitution messages and stated that he had been coerced into making them.[40]

With their archives of the Idea Guys' Discord chatlogs with Chris, as well as Chris providing the receipts and invoices of gifts sent to them, the Guard Dogs attempted to report the Idea Guys to the authorities.

Null contacted the Greene County sheriff, local to Chris, to discuss the matter but the sheriff interpreted things as a matter of choice from Chris. Null also contacted the FBI, as the alleged extortion occurred across state lines, both through their online contact form and also by handing a copy to an FBI agent. Chris later took a printed copy of Null's report to his local police station and turned it in. However, there have been no signs of an investigation as Null and Chris were not contacted bac

Chris repeatedly denounced the Idea Guys for financially exploiting him, but the damage was done to his psyche: Chris bought into the fantasy that he was a goddess as a new coping mechanism, and his already-shaky grasp on reality hit rock bottom. Chris's new beliefs led him to seek a hippie makeover befitting of his supposed psychic prowess, and he retreated further into his fantasies, generally refusing to engage with people who wouldn't entertain them.

Throughout all of this, Chris's belief in the Dimensional Merge has not wavered. When it didn't arrive on the prophesized date of November 18, 2018, Chris did what all doomsday cultists and religious fundamentalists did whenever the apocalypse didn't happen: push it back again and again. Not helping matters was the advent of COVID-19, which Chris saw as a sign of the Dimensional Merge's progress alongside all the other insane crap that happened in the year 2020.

For Chris, things really took a turn for the worse when BABSCon got canceled, and he began an elaborate coping scheme to live-action roleplay as Sonichu until he could attend My Little Pony conventions again, which will not happen until 2022 at the earliest. Chris spent nearly eleven months pretending to be his original character, with very few interruptions, before eventually reverting to being himself again on 25 February 2021, thanks to the intervention of an enabler, who pretended to be a psychic to influence Chris. KwaiiSandbag initially reached out to Chris through Instagram after watching Chris-Chan: A Comprehensive History just for fun, but this effort resulted in a series of conversations that would convince Chris to stop LARPing as Sonichu. KwaiiSandbag, upon being confronted by outside parties explaining why Chris should not be directly contacted, eventually expressed remorse for his actions. Around the same time, he came clean with Chris by revealing that he was not actually a psychic as he had claimed, which Chris acted like he knew all along (when he very clearly did not, as otherwise he wouldn't have been tricked into giving up his pretense of being a fictional character).

By 2021, Chris had largely reduced his online activities to posting long Twitter threads of faux-philosophical ramblings reflecting his New Age Retro Hippie mindset, which bordered on being incomprehensible or esoteric. At the same time, the Chandler family debt was steadily rising, largely due to Barb and her son's poor spending habits. In the extremely likely event that Chris outlives Barb, it was speculated that the situation would get worse for Chris with nobody to ground him in reality. Not to mention that Chris is virtually unemployable in any career after years of having every detail about his past leak out to the internet, and he hasn't made a real effort to get a job.

However, there was fleetingly a period of time in which there was a degree of hope for Chris. Chris successfully reconciled with Null, who eventually helped organize a trip for Chris so that he could attend Everfree Northwest, a My Little Pony convention, on the condition that Chris would complete commission work in exchange for his donations. Null believed that this was a worthy effort in order to see if he could sustain himself as an adult through self-employment, particularly ahead of Barb's death. Chris actually kept up with these obligations, doing a considerable amount of work compared to previous months of less output. Had he kept his pace up post-convention, and with the right financial guidance, Chris could conceivably keep a roof over his head for at least another year. All seemed relatively normal for Chris as far as the post-Idea Guys status quo went, and some fans anticipated the possibility that Chris, now upset about MLP G5, would do something amusing at the convention as he prepared for the trip, just like old times.

On 29 July 2021, an audio recording of a conversation made by a troll was released, in which Chris said something fuuuuckedup.

In July 2021, Chris began telling selected trusted individuals - including his physician and a woman (troll) named Bella- that he had begun having sexual relations with an older woman. At the time, Chris was using euphemisms such as "lady friend" to mislead them and disguise the true nature of his actions.

While Bella was friendly towards Chris in conversations, she was out to manipulate him too.

On 28 July 2021, Chris trusted Bella to such a degree that he decided to reveal that his sexual partner was his own mother to her during a video call conversation with her.

For years, trolls had joked that Chris, in his desperation to find a boyfriend-free girl, would eventually turn to his mom based on the fact that the two were constantly in close proximity to one another and Chris made a few off-putting comments about fetishizing her. Chris and Barb's incestuous affair most likely began on 27 June,[2][3] but his social media presence in earlier in the month, may hint at an earlier start to the affair. As early as 22 June, he began addressing Barbara by the unsettling pet name of "Barbie Chan", which may have indicated when he began to get intimate with her. After this date Chris claimed that he had sex with her once every three nights until being forcibly stopped by being removed from the house.

In general, the relationship between Chris and his mother has always been seen as a "little too close", likely due to his mother's overly coddling nature towards him in his early life all through to his adulthood, mixed with the emotionally abusive control tactics Barb implemented against both Chris and Bob. It was keenly noted during the Doopie Saga that Chris had used the words "darling" and "dear", commonly reserved for romantic relationships, to refer to his mother.

Not just that but after the house fire, it was discovered that Chris didn’t have a bed and would share a bed with his mother. In retrospect, multiple people had noticed touching that was a little much for a mother and son.

hris claimed he "approached her with care and caution," and that Barb even made the "first move."

n case you have some kind of morbid curiosity of how the affair could have went down, here is a list of "activities" that Chris had allegedly done to/with his mother:

  1. Massages[11] - Presumably full body ones since it included her thighs (and her face for some reason); this is probably the same type of massage he gave to Mia Hamm. Chris would also claim in a chat with The WCT that he had bought massaging oil, and made the claim that it is perfect to use on one's lover. [12]

  2. Kissing - Apparently did not involve tongues.

  3. Outer Course - Rubbing her pussy with his fingers and hands, this happened at least twice before the next step, probably more.

  4. Intercourse - By this, he means fingering her, it apparently hurt her when he did so.

  5. Cunnilingus - Eating her out, claims he's good at it. No information about if she returned the favour. [4]

  6. Penetration - Vaginal, apparently with the use of a condom, he proceeded to get himself tested for STI's afterwards anyway.

  7. Cuddling - According to a letter from jail, Chris had supposedly "cuddled" with Barb in the times of incest.[13]

According to Null, Chris had been buying large amounts of sex toys and lingerie from Adam & Eve for several months prior to committing his acts.[14] What sex toys Chris potentially used, if any, is uncertain.

Bella would leak this phone call.

Once these details got out, nothing would ever be the same: he and Barb were separated by the authorities, he had to vacate his only home due to a week-long protective order, he was very quickly banned from the convention that he'd hoped to attend, and his Patreon account – one of his few real sources of income – was taken down. Null quickly washed his hands of Chris for good, not only after learning that the audio leak was legitimate, but also when he realized that Chris effectively stole approximately $750 from Barb to fund his stay at a hotel. Chris was arrested on 1 August 2021, an event which was live-streamed by multiple orbiters. Chris's actions during this time trended on social media and were covered by various news outlets, including getting a segment on Fox News, which in turn exposed him to millions of boomers.

Chris spent the next several months in jail after being arrested by the Henrico County sheriffs department, awaiting a court hearing set for 28 July 2022, following three continuances. While waiting in jail, Chris's delusions of godhood have spiraled out of control as he now believes himself to be Jesus of Nazareth reincarnated and the Dimensional Merge to be proceeding entirely as planned. During this time, Chris has kept in touch with the outside world via a multitude of Jail Communications discussing a variety of subjects, from his jail conditions to his renewed interest in the Bible and ween attempts to convert him to Islam through reading the Qur'an. These letters and phone calls have also revealed that Chris has been kept in protective custody for his own safety.

Early into March 2022, it was learned that Chris was transferred out of jail into an unknown facility, believed to be the mental health facility Western State Hospital. Chris is expected to continue his residence there until he has another court hearing, and as such, Chris is isolated from the outside world and what he is currently up to will most likely remain unknown until his next hearing. The distinct possibility that Chris has been declared incompetent to stand trial also cannot be ruled out, and as such, Chris may remain in custody indefinitely.

I want to dive a bit deeper into Barbara because at this point she’s like 79 years old and *possibly* senile. It’s unclear. But what interests me is how she and Chris were observed being overly touchy and that makes me wonder if this was at all consensual, or if maybe she was just an affectionate mom and maybe Chris kind of took advantage and pushed it.

She does her part to keep his activities under control by acting as Chris's personal concierge, as seen when she interrogated Ivy for about half an hour before letting her speak to Chris.[45]

Barbara constantly babies Chris and tells him how handsome he is.[55] She also told Chris that the reason he often "blanks out" or gets confused is not that he is an absent-minded, slothful buffoon, but that he is a "creative genius and is simply overwhelmed by having so many creative ideas".[56]

In August 2016, the Man in the Pickle Suit observed Chris and Barb in public during a court hearing:[59]

Barb and Chris are way too physically intimate. It's one thing to describe their creepy relationship, it's quite another to watch it IRL. They hold hands and Chris is always putting his arm around her and rubbing her shoulders sensually. That's shit I'd do to someone I'd want to bang. Not a family member. It's weird.

Barb's habit of cuddling with Chris had been going on since Bob was alive, and he knew of it, but, due to Barb's manipulation, he was not able to stop her.

Barb has also been long speculated to suffer from a form of dementia due to later video appearances (mostly begging videos) showing her as struggling with forming sentences without a degree of prompting by Chris. Some initially speculated that Chris and Barb were taking advantage of her feeble, elderly state for the purpose of emotionally manipulating their audience into giving them more donations out of pity, as there were other videos where Barb appeared to be more cognizant and seemed to be able to handle her own finances to some degree. It was suggested by some with close knowledge of Chris, such as Marvin, that she was the one who encouraged him to make the videos with her in it.

However, in light of the incest situation, in which Chris noted that she seemed "partially confused" on at least one of the occasions that he jumped her bones, how much of her situation was an act (presuming if any of it was) and how much is real has been called into question. Barb was evaluated at a hospital after being separated from her son and was able to return to her home after he was incarcerated, though it should still be noted that the bar for being deemed qualified enough to take care of oneself is low. A later visit by Chris's fans, where Barb did not know that she was being recorded, may have demonstrated that she has a degree of difficulty with cognitive function, or at least that she suffers from hearing loss.

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