Linda Lovelace
How She Became One of The Most Famous Pornographic Actresses Against Her Will.

Linda Lovelace was one of the most famous actresses of the Golden Age of Porn. She became a household name when Deep Throat became the first pornographic movie ever to cross into the mainstream.
Beyond the stardom, however, was an abusive manager holding her captive and forcing her to perform.

Show Notes:
*This is not an exact transcript, but rather an outline of my notes.

*This episode will be very sexual and graphic.*

Linda Lovelace was an American pornographic actress who rose to fame with the introduction of the Golden Age of Porn, which was a 15-year period (1969-1984) when sexually explicit films got a lot of positive attention.

One of the first film’s of this type was Blue Movie, also known as Fuck, written and produced by Andy Warhol. Blue Movie helped inaugurate the “porno chic” phenomenon, which was essentially porn being discussed publicly by celebrities, like Johnny Carson, and even taken seriously by film critics, like Robert Ebert.

Born Linda Boreman on January 10th, 1949 in the Bronx, NY. Grew up in Florida.

She described her upbringing in an unhappy family, as the daughter of John Boreman, a police officer who was seldom home, and Dorothy Boreman (née Tragney), a waitress who was harsh, unloving, and domineering.

When Linda was 4 years old, her mother started beating her for every little thing. One time when Linda was 11, her mom, Dorothy, sent her to the store for some nasal spray. Linda came home with the wrong kind, and Dorothy beat her with a broom, and told her that she would’ve gotten the right one if she didn’t have boys on her mind.

Dorothy was incredibly strict. Linda went to catholic school growing up and wanted to be a nun. She was a good student– in high school she was elected vice-president of her class, and she liked to play basketball.

As a teenager, her friends kind of teased her for being a prude. She was kind of shy and self-conscious and when she had a boyfriend, she would take it slow. They called her “Miss Holy Holy”. Her only real ambition in life was to get married at 21 and have a family with a big house.

Unfortunately, by the time she was 21, she wasn’t exactly headed in that direction.

Although Linda was kind of hesitant to move too quickly, she wasn’t a virgin. She had been in relationships and became pregnant when she was 20. Dorothy actually tricked her into signing papers to give her baby up for adoption.

Linda had been working in a boutique and she was saving money to open up her own shop. She had picked out a house and had all these plans.

Sadly, these plans would come to a halt when she was involved in a car accident where she was getting onto the highway and another car came skidding sideways over a hill and crashed right into her. She was injured pretty seriously. Her face had hit the windshield and part of her eye was hanging down, her jaw was broken and some of her teeth had like punctured through the bottom of her lip. Her steering wheel broke her ribs and lacerated both her spleen and liver, and resulted in a leaking intestine and peritonitis.

Linda went to stay with her parents in Florida after the accident, and although she was now 21 years old, they were no less strict. They had a strict 11 PM curfew, and if Linda came home even a few minutes late, Dorothy would slap her across the face or hit her with a broomstick.

Her mom was harsh and cold and her dad… He just barely said anything. Like he would walk into the room and see Dorothy beating her, and he would just turn on his heels and leave the room, as if he didn’t see anything.

So as you can imagine, she doesn’t have much of a social life and her parents were so cold and distant, I imagine she felt lonely.

One day, Linda was sunbathing in her parents’ yard, when her friend, Betsy, called her up and told her she was coming over to visit. She was wearing a bikini and she was very self-conscious, especially because of some fresh scars on her abdomen from the car accident. She dozed off when Betsy arrived, and she had a friend with her– Chuck Traynor.

Betsy introduced Chuck as a photographer. He was 27 years old and over 6 feet tall. He drove a new Jaguar, which was super impressive to the girls. Linda was used to going out with guys who were driving around in their parents’ cars.

The girls went inside so Linda could change. Betsy had been working in Miami as a topless dancer, and she told Linda “I told you about Chuck, he’s the one who wanted me to be a model. Listen, Linda. I can tell he’s impressed by you too. Would that interest you?”

Linda was like “..what kind of modeling?” and Betsy assured her “not nude, strictly fashion modeling.” So Linda said “I’d be interested.”

The truth was that Linda was interested in anything that would take her away from her parents’ house.

Linda grabbed her guests a beer, but not herself because she had been advised to avoid alcohol for 2 years after her accident. But Chuck was like “well I don’t suppose there’s any reason you can’t smoke?” He was talking about pot and Linda had smoked pot before (a long time before) but she was terrified of smoking in her mom’s house. Her mom actually tried to turn her in to the police for smoking pot once, until her father took the phone and hung it up. But Chuck was like, really smooth and persuasive. So they smoked the pot. And then Chuck was like “listen linda, we’ve gotta be back in Miami by 2. Why don’t you come along for the ride?”

Linda was happy to accept the invitation.

Chuck owned a bar in North Miami called the Vegas Inn and that’s where he was in a rush to get back to. It was a dark bar full of its everyday, average patrons. Nothing super out of the ordinary at first glance.

After a few weeks of being friends, Chuck asked Linda out. He was super charming and a total gentleman. He would drive to her parents house to see her, and he would take her on trips to “buy her something pretty”, which Linda was not used to. He was constantly opening doors for her, lighting her cigarettes, and listening to what she had to say. He was respectful and didn’t make sexual advances towards her. She would go to the bar with him and watch him count the register and take care of business.

Linda started to get really fed up with her mom’s constant rules and beatings. One day, Dorothy really let her have it, and Linda decided that she wouldn’t allow it to happen again.

She became quiet and moody while hanging out with Chuck, and he told her “why don’t you just pack up your stuff and move in with me?”

She couldn’t think of a very good reason not to move in with him.

Unfortunately, there were a few things Linda didn’t know about Chuck.

Chuck had a police record. He had been found guilty of assault and battery, and was presently facing charges for smuggling drugs into the country. He was also running a prostitution ring that Linda wouldn’t find out about until later.

Chuck and Linda went over to Chuck’s friend’s house, Worth Devore, which meant they were picking up pot. Linda was really emotional about standing up to her parents for the first time. She wanted to call them, but Chuck discouraged her, saying “they’re just going to con you into going back.” Linda cried and Chuck lent her a shoulder. He was gentle and caring and told her that he was going to take care of her, and his voice started to soothe her.

That night, Linda and Chuck spent the night together at Worth’s house, in case her parents went looking for her at Chuck’s place.

The two of them had never had sex or spent a night together before. When Chuck said “Let’s go to bed,” Linda took off her clothes and climbed into bed wearing a bra and panties. She hadn’t even thought about the idea of having sex with Chuck, she was just worried about getting out of her parent’s house. Compared to all that drama at home, sex with Chuck seemed like no big deal.

Linda wasn’t a virgin, obviously, but she was still really innocent and there were a lot of things she’d never done before. She describes this encounter as nothing very spectacular or emotional or special. Chuck didn’t say anything to her during sex, until he asked her to suck his dick. Linda was like “no, I can’t do that.”

Then Chuck tried something else. At the time, Linda didn’t understand what he was doing, but he was going down on her. Giving her oral sex. She wasn’t into it but he was finished after a few minutes.

The next morning, Linda called her father and told him she wasn’t coming home. Chuck bought her new clothes and took her out to parties and stuff. For Linda, it was really nice to be able to go out past 11pm without getting smacked across the face.

Linda and Chuck would hang out and take care of the bar every day, and when they weren’t at the bar, they would watch tv and smoke pot all day long. Little by little, Linda started to pick up little bits of information about Chuck. She found out by reading in the newspaper that he was facing a big criminal trial. He had been caught carrying a bale of marijuana that an airplane had dropped in a field south of Miami. (Chuck told Linda all kinds of excuses)

Chuck had learned how to hypnotize people in Honduras, as well as some exotic sexual practices from Japan, and he started offering to hypnotize Linda when she was tired, and make her feel like she had a full night’s sleep. Then he offered to hypnotize her to help her quit smoking. And it worked.

Again, Chuck was very persuasive and Linda didn’t like to let him down.

*quick trigger warning*

Chuck continued to ask Linda to take his dick in her mouth, and she eventually tried it, but it was really hard for her to do. She wanted to please him but she wasn’t into it. It made her really, really uncomfortable. Chuck started telling her that this was the only way he could become fully erect. Her “no” was never quite enough.

Chuck talked Linda into letting him hypnotize her and helping her relax her muscles and her gag reflex.

When I say he talked her into it, it was more than just convincing her. He still was seemingly a nice guy at this point, but he would tease Linda and make little comments that made her feel like a dumb, inexperienced little girl. Like, he was constantly trying to get her to suck his dick and he would say things like “why are you making such a big deal of it? Everyone does it.”

And then he would be like “look Linda, it all comes down to whether or not you want to make me happy.”

So Linda went along with it. She accepted that this was only temporary, and Chuck said she would even start to like it once she learns to relax and this would actually be helping her.

Long story short, this is how Linda learned what would be known as the deep throat technique. It’s basically like an advanced blow job, where you would take the entire penis in your mouth all the way to the back of your throat. It’s not particularly easy, especially for people like Linda who have 0 interest in putting a penis in their mouth. Chuck basically hypnotized her and trained her to do it.

Little by little, Linda continued to find out little bits of information about Chuck. She noticed that the bar was becoming a lot looser. Chuck had given her the responsibility of bookkeeping and one night while she was counting the register, one of the barmaids took off her top and her bra and started serving the drinks topless. None of the customers commented on it so Linda got the idea that this wasn’t her first time doing this.

Then on nights when Chuck and Linda were home and getting ready to go back to the bar, they’d get a call from one of the barmaids telling them not to come over yet. When Linda asked Chuck what that was about, he told her not much, the barmaids were just dancing naked for some of the regulars.

Chuck enjoyed casually telling Linda things like this and then studying her reaction. She was easily shocked and also a little bit gullible.

Late one night, they went to the bar and it was completely dark. From the outside, all the lights appeared to be off. On the inside, it was almost completely dark and the jukebox aws playing. Linda saw a young barmaid named Roxanne (who was about 17) dancing on the bar, completely naked. A man reached up and put a dollar bill into her vagina. Another barmaid was lying on a table with one guy hunched over her and having sex with her, a second guy with his thing in her mouth, and a third guy who was aggressively rubbing her breasts.

Linda was shocked. This was beyond her wildest imagination and she was also shocked that nobody seemed to react when she and Chuck walked in. Like she couldn’t fathom people doing something like this in front of other people.

One day, Chuck introduced Linda to a woman named Theresa, saying that she used to work for him as a hooker. He once ran a house of prostitution. This also was a big shock to Linda.

The bar wasn’t doing so well, and Chuck was like “we could start up that business again. You could answer phones and take appointments.”

Linda didn’t want anything to do with it. He told her “a woman has a product and she should use it.”

As the money situation got worse, so did Chuck’s temper. They lost the bar and traded in the Jaguar for an old Volkswagen. Chuck finally told Linda– not asked– that they were starting the prostitution business back up and she was going to be a madam, whether she liked it or not. Finally she said “Chuck, don’t talk that away. I’ve been thinking everything over and I know that it’s time I got back up to New York, and–”

And Chuck struck her on the side of the head before she could finish that sentence.

She fell and things got blurry. He started kicking her while she was lying on the ground. He was quiet, cold, and methodical, until she started screaming, and then he seemed to get excited. This was the first time Linda had seen him fully aroused. Then he raped her on the floor. When he was done, he said “you’re not fucking going anywhere without me.”

Now she was scared.

The next day, the phone rang and when she went to pick it up, Chuck grabbed it out of her hand. He answered it and then said “it’s your fucking mother. Take it on the extension and tell her you don’t want her to call anymore.”

Linda was like “I'm not going to say that '' but he was like “you’re going to do what I say. I’ll be listening to every word. If you know whats good, kiss momma goodbye now or you’ll get another sample of last night.

So she did as he said.

After that, Chuck never let Linda out of his sight. He didn’t ask her to do things anymore, he told her. He also started playing with his guns in front of her, kind of as a further warning. He had a .45 caliber pistol as well as a semi-automatic machine gun.

Linda learned to stop expressing her opinions.

One day, Chuck was like “we’re going for a drive.” He didn’t tell Linda where they were going but she was happy to be in the car for a while where she couldn’t get hit. He just told her they were going to see some people for business.

They went to a motel and went into a room where they met five guys, all dressed like businessmen. The guys were polite and offered her a drink. Linda excused herself to go to the bathroom, and when she came out, Chuck told her “those five guys out there, you’re going to fuck all five of them.” Linda was like “Chuck, don’t talk crazy.” and Chuck said “Oh you’re gonna fucking do it alright. Believe me, you’re gonna do it. I’ve promised these men. I’ve given my word. You tell me you don’t want to run my business. I give you every chance in the world and you tell me no. Okay, you don’t want to run it, then you can be part of it.”

Linda kept objecting and tried to sound strong, but she realized that Chuck was really crazy now. Then Chuck pulled his gun out of his pocket. He said “I’m going to shoot you right now if you don’t go out there and do what I’m telling you. You’re gonna take your clothes off and go out there and fuck those five guys. And if you don’t, I’m going to put a bullet into your head right now.”

She said “Chuck you’re crazy, you wouldn’t shoot me in front of five witnesses.”

And he was like “do you really think these influential businessmen with wives and families are going to care what happens to some nickel and dime hooker? You think they’re going to admit to being here, waiting for a prostitute?”

“Don't do this Chuck.”

“Say your prayers. Take off your clothes or you are one fucking dead chick.”

She took off her clothes, and before she went out to the room with the guys, Chuck said “stop your crying before you go out there. Crying is very bad for business.”

The men looked her over. One of them bounced her breasts in his hand and said “lookie here, they bounce.” She suddenly remembered the barmaid who was hooking up with 3 men at once, and a tear rolled down her cheek. One guy was like “wtf is up with this chick” but Chuck was like “she’ll be fine.”

The men basically grabbed her and led her to a bed. They took turns penetrating her, putting their things in their mouth. They treated her like a blow up doll, just picking her up and moving her body. She described it as like they were playing musical chairs with her body parts.

Somebody said “let's make a sandwich.” One guy laid on his back, and the others picked Linda up and placed her on top of him, guiding his thing inside of her. A second guy climbed on her back and started penetrating her anally. Linda had never experienced anal sex and it tore her up. She whimpered, and someone said “oh lookie here, we must have a new baby here.” Three of them were constantly shoving their things in her face and into her body. 2 of them were seemingly bothered by the fact that Linda was scared and in pain. But that didn’t stop them altogether, they just backed up from time to time.

A couple of them would just work themselves up to ejaculating, and then shoot their load all over her body and start rubbing it in.

Linda was terrified. And Chuck was standing in a corner watching. Then someone said “hey, let's try to get two in at once.”

That’s when Linda went numb.

Eventually the guys got tired. Chuck went over to Linda and said “you’re a fucking mess. Go take a shower.”

Linda got in the shower, scrubbed herself hard with hot water. She prayed and prayed and asked God why this was happening to her.

When Linda got out of the shower, the men were gone. Chuck was counting money on the bed. The men were charged $40 each, but one guy demanded a refund because of Linda’s “attitude” and Chuck had to give him half of his money back.

They got back in the car and Chuck started berating her.

“Don't you know how to do anything right?”

“You were lying there like some vegetable, like some fucking turnip. You’re no good and you never will be. You don’t know what to do and you don't know how to do it. What the fuck is it with you anyway? You better start getting your shit together, Linda.”

Linda didn’t dare speak.

Chuck continued setting her up with men. The next client wasn’t as brutal as the other guys. He tried to give her friendly advice and tell her to try to act like she was enjoying it, but she was just like “let’s get this over with.” she could tell by his expression that he wasn’t into it, and then she got scared about what Chuck would do.

He beat the shit out of her again. He grabbed a butcher knife and told her that he would slice up her face, that she was so ugly that nobody wanted to fuck her. That she had flat tits and ugly scars on her belly.

As the business expanded, Chuck hired more girls. You’d think this might lighten the load on Linda, but you’d be wrong. If a customer was handsome or clean-cut, one of the other girls would get him. But if the customer were a 350 pounds momma’s boy, or a sadistic creep, Linda would get them.

Linda learned that with the guys who enjoyed seeing her in pain, she learned to cry out in pain one moment and then act like she’s in pleasure the next, like saying “but don’t stop.”

But before she figured this out, one trick complained about her. Chuck even offered to make it right and let him have her again for free. But the guy said “thanks, but no thanks. Call me when you get someone new.”

This led to more beatings. “You useless cunt, I can't even give you away for free!” But it was hard. One client wanted her to sit on his face and urinate, and she couldn’t do it. She tried but just wasn’t able to.

Linda and Chuck’s apartment had peepholes in it so that Chuck could watch Linda with her “dates”. Linda was always a little more pleased when a trick wanted to meet her at a motel or apartment, because Chuck couldn’t watch them and there was a small possibility of escape. Plus, Chuck didn’t beat Linda in public.

Chuck drove Linda to a home in South Miami one day, where a man named Lenny Camp was living in absolute squalor. He led them to his bedroom, where floodlights had been set up around the bed and pointing down at it. He told Chuck “get her undressed now.”

Chuck told Linda to undress for some pictures.

She was hesitant but she knew better than to disobey. He told her to go to the bathroom to put makeup on. In the bathroom she met a girl named Chicklet, who was also modeling for pictures.

Linda had never been with a woman before. She started crying as she was talking to Chicklet, and Chicklet tried to comfort her. She told her, these are just pictures, they’re not movies. Just go through the motions, fake enjoyment, and relax between takes.

They took the pictures. They started kissing, and Linda went numb again. Before long, the men started telling Linda “put her hand on her breast. Come on, get into it. At least try to make it look natural!” Chicklet pulled her aside for a moment and told her, ``Look, the easiest way is to get into it and get it over with, otherwise we’ll be doing this all day long, and we still have to do the 69 shots.”

Linda freaked out. Chicklet was like “listen, it has to happen. Just get it over with. When you go down on me, you can fake it. You don't have to do anything, I won't tell.”

After all that, the guy tossed them a strap-on. Chicklet strapped it on, got on top of Linda and put it inside of her, and the big guy got really close to them and photographed them.

As always, Chuck was standing in the corner of the room, watching. Once he saw how uncomfortable it made Linda to hook up with another woman, Chuck made sure to continue making her do it.

Chuck started setting Linda up on jobs with another girl named Melody. Melody caught on to the fact that Chuck was abusing Linda, and she didn’t like it. So she would often cover for Linda or like request her as a partner and then give her the easy tasks. And she would tell Linda what to tell Chuck to get his rocks off. She became Linda’s only friend.

But then, Melody started getting feelings for Linda, and she started saying things like “I really liked that today, I just can’t help myself when I’m with you.” and Linda would be like “please don’t tell me that.” but Melody said she was falling in love with Linda. She told Linda that when she gets away from Chuck she can go live with her and she would take care of her.

Linda told her that she wasn’t into women, but Melody kind of was like ….”you could change your mind.” but Linda didn’t think so.

Then Linda had a client who asked her to pretend to be his lover and that they’re madly in love. He was actually really sweet and romantic. Eventually, he realized what Chuck was doing to her and it really upset him.

He tried to convince her to run off and hide out in a cabin he owned, and then they could become real lovers.

Linda considered this for a minute but then it occurred to her that this might not be such a safe situation either. Like what kind of guy rents women for $45 and has a pretend-affair with them?

At the end of the day, she was too afraid of Chuck to try to escape.

Well I mean, she did try to escape a couple of times and she always got caught. If she told a customer that she was a prisoner, they’d just be like “gtfoh, right now.”

If another one of Chuck’s working girls caught on, they would tell Chuck that she was trying to escape.

And Chuck would beat her until she blacked out. Like, she didn’t know what he did to her, but the next day, she couldn’t walk.

Chuck got more and more sadistic with Linda. He really enjoyed seeing her in pain, so he did whatever he could do to make her scream. Like, he started penetrating her with his fist, or he would use a double sided dildo on her. Eventually, Linda figured out how to relax her muscles using the techniques she had learned for deep throating. She relaxed enough that these things didn’t hurt as much, but she didn't let Chuck know that.

Over time, Linda became known for her deep throating. A lot of men were talking about how they’ve never had anyone do that to them before and they would tell all their buddies about it, which made Chuck very happy.

When Chuck was discussing the charges against him for the bales of pot he was caught with, his lawyer advised him to marry Linda because she knew too much.

Btw, this lawyer was Philip Mandina and he was not trying to help Linda. According to Linda, Chuck couldn’t pay his legal fees so he let Philip have sex with Linda whenever he wanted, and also, he basically gave Philip the right to take over Linda’s lawsuit for her car accident. Philip was able to get her a settlement of like $40,000 or so, but she never saw that money. Chuck took control of all of the finances.

Also, Philip and his wife started hanging out with Chuck and Linda, and Chuck and Philip would play sexual games with their wives and like trade them off and see who could make who finish first.

Anyway, Linda tried to refuse marriage, but Chuck beat her up again and choked her until she fell, and he kicked her until she thought she was going to die.

The next day, they were married.

Chuck didn’t change at all after this. He still treated Linda like shit. While driving, he would make her lift her top and bear her breasts to other cars because he liked to see their reactions. It was one of many games he liked to play using Linda’s body.

He told Linda that now that they were married, not only could they not be forced to testify against each other, but he also told her that a wife CAN’T turn her husband in to the police. And she believed him. She always accepted what he said as the final word on the matter.

Linda had all her hopes on Chuck being found guilty so he could go to jail, but unfortunately, he was able to convince the jury that he was innocent.

Linda felt absolutely hopeless.

Then one day, Chuck actually arranged for a day at the beach with Linda’s sister, Jean. Jean must’ve picked up on bad vibes or something because just a few minutes after getting to the beach, she insisted that she had to go home to her parents’ house. Chuck was pissed but he took her. When they got there, Linda managed to rush into her parent’s house behind Jean, and shut the door behind her, leaving Chuck outside. He yelled at her “you can’t leave me, you’re my wife”.

She told Jean everything, about how he threatened her and made her do sexual things, things with woman and things she found degrading, and how she couldn’t escape.

Linda was terrified and had no real plan going forward. Chuck was blowing up the phone. After a day or so at her parent’s house, Linda’s mom Dorothy told her “Chuck’s been calling all day. I’ve been talking to him, he really loves you.”

Linda was like “Mom. He’s beaten me bloody. He’s held a gun to my head and forced me to have sex with women and men, and he’s turning me into a prostitute. He threatened to kill me.” Not only that, but Chuck had been talking about forcing Linda to have sex with animals.

But Dorothy just went on and on..

“Linda, he’s your husband. He told me everything. And I’ll tell you something else– Chuck happens to be on his way over here right this minute.”

Linda was like “I’ve got to get out of here.” and Dorothy was like “Linda, he told me that he’s sorry and he doesn’t know what came over him.”

The doorbell rang, and there was Chuck. Dorothy was like “I’m leaving you two alone to talk things out.”

They were in the living room when Jean’s son came in with his toy trucks. Chuck showed Linda that he had a gun in his pocket and he said to Linda “I’m going to shoot this little boy in his fucking head. If you don’t get up and come along with me, this little boy will die first.”

He went on to tell her that he wasn’t afraid to kill any of them, her father, mother, sister, or her.

So she left with him.

Dorothy said “See Linda, I knew you two kids could work things out.”

Shortly after going back to Chuck, they were invited to hang out with Philip and his wife, Barbara again. They decided to have a little contest to prove who was a better hypnotist, between Chuck and Philip.

Philip hypnotized Barbara and told her that she was going to wake up feeling very thirsty, like she was in the middle of the desert. And when she woke up, she was incredibly thirsty and ran to the bathroom for a drink of water. She said “Oh Phil, you did it to me again.”

Then Chuck hypnotized Linda. He told Linda,

“When you wake up, you’re going to get undressed, and you’re going to get turned on when you look at Barbara. Then you’re going to undress Barbara, and you’re going to make love to her. All she’ll have to do is touch you, and you’ll come.”

When Linda came out of the hypnosis, she was in a cold sweat and powerless to resist Chuck’s instructions. She was also terrified to not do as he said. As she was doing it, she became more and more scared. She never knew how far she was really going to go.

Linda knew she was supposed to put her arms around Barbara and make love to her, but she wasn’t able to. She couldn’t go that far.

What’s scary though, is that Chuck hypnotized Linda a lot, and she would lose entire days or groups of days from her memory. And as you can probably imagine, Linda was afraid to find out what Chuck made her do on days she can’t remember.

Started smoking a lot of pot and abusing Percodan to become numb.

-trigger warning.. This is upsetting and.. animals.-

One day, Chuck and Linda got into a car for a road trip. Chuck said that they were going to Juarez. Once they started getting closer, he started saying “I hope you like donkeys.”

He told her they were going to Juarez, Mexico, where people were going to pay to watch a donkey fuck her.

And he taunted her. He told her that men were going to place bets on how many inches of donkey a woman could take. He told her that there were medics on site in case a woman hemorrhaged.

And Linda just could never tell when Chuck was telling the truth. She was terrified. He loaded her into the car and they started on their road trip to Juarez.

Fortunately, Linda was saved from Juarez one day when Chuck’s Volkswagen was hit by a drunk driver. They weren’t injured, but the car was totaled.

After that, they went to live in Jersey City, New Jersey and looked for work in New York. Chuck tried to get Linda work as a stripper, but she wasn’t very good. Eventually, he got his former employees together and started up his prostitution business again, and then Chuck started branching out to using the women to make eight-millimeter movies.

This was hard for Linda, because she didn’t like hooking up with women and it was a lot harder to fake in movies than it was in pictures.

Linda was continuously forced to do things that were more and more difficult and degrading, and she never could have imagined that people actually did these kinds of things.

For one,

-and I’m not kink shaming here, but this is something Linda did not actually consent to-

Linda was instructed to urinate on her scene partners, or to be urinated on.

And then, *trigger warning again** Chuck told Linda that they were going to make a movie of Linda with a dog.

Linda didn’t want to. I mean she more than didn’t want to. She refused. She couldn’t even think about it. But not only did Chuck threaten to kill her, the other guys working on the film, including the owner of the dog, were sitting at a table with a gun in front of them that was clearly intended for Linda. It was like, unspoken but it was understood that Linda was gonna have to participate if she wanted to live.

Not only did she have to participate, she had to smile and laugh and look like she was getting off. If she didn’t perform well, she would be punished.

Linda was absolutely revolted. She had trouble believing what was happening. For years, she denied ever having done anything with an animal, but eventually the tapes got out. I think that’s one of the reasons she wrote her memoir, was to explain herself particularly after this was revealed.

This was a movie called Dogarama.

After this bestiality film was made, Linda was like traumatized around dogs. And Chuck was fueled by her discomfort, so he decided to get her a dog. He eventually started forcing Linda to try to perform sexual acts with the dog, but somewhere along the way when Linda was working as a prostitute, she met another woman who had some experience working with animals, and she gave Linda some tips to kind of keep the dog away.

Trigger warning again because I’m about to give a little more detail *I hate that I know this* but from what I’ve gathered, a dog has to kind of be trained and led to perform this kind of act with a person. Like a male dog with a female dog would expect the female dog to stand still while he does his thing, so as a person being the recipient, Linda learned that if she moved closer to the dog, it would make the dog back off. To Chuck, it appeared as though Linda was trying really hard to get the dog in the mood. But according to Linda, she knew this had the opposite effect and in turn, Chuck eventually gave up on the whole thing with the dog.

I was looking at IMDB at the film Dogarama, and there were comments saying how Linda was sick for doing this film and how it was “obvious” that she enjoyed herself and was pulling the dog towards her. I think that what she’s saying is plausible, that she had to look like she was enjoying it, and it was also an effective way to keep the dog from participating.

Linda ended up being discovered from one of her eight-millimeter films, by director Gerard Damiano, who would be the director of Deep Throat and The Devil in Miss Jones.

Damiano was very intrigued with Linda’s oral sex techniques and was inspired to create Deep Throat. Deep Throat is about a woman who has never been able to have an orgasm, so she goes to a doctor who discovers that her clitoris is actually located in the back of her throat.

The movie ends with the line "The End. And Deep Throat to you all."

This was the first job that felt a little more like a real movie to Linda. The sets were bigger and the actors were a little more established. Linda’s co-star, Harry Reems, would become known as a porn superstar.

Chuck could not stand Harry. And Linda got a kick out of that, so she would kind of giggle and flirt and just seem to be enjoying herself with Harry, and that drove Chuck batshit. He would be like “what the fuck was all that smiling about” and she’d be like “Chuck, you get mad when I don’t smile enough, you get mad when I smile too much. What do you want from me?”

Chuck was pissed and Linda started back talking and said something like “you really oughta go see a doctor, Chuck. You’re crazy.” and he was like “you’re the one who’s going to need a doctor.”

And then he punched her, and sent her flying across the room onto a bed. The rest of the film crew was just one room over, and Chuck started picking Linda up and throwing her against the wall that separated the two rooms. Normally when Chuck beat Linda, it was kind of cold and methodical, like he was determinedly punishing her and teaching her a lesson. But this time, he went berserk. He was like a wild animal.

Linda was screaming, “stop! Please! You’re hurting me!” She tried making as much noise as she could, just hoping someone from the crew would come in and save her.

He ripped her bathrobe off of her and she curled into a ball to shield herself. He started kicking her all over, leaving her legs covered in bruises.

Nobody came to rescue Linda. After the beating, she laid on the ground, in a ball, for a while until Chuck started calming down, walking around whistling, happily back in control. And then Linda said “Chuck, can i go to bed now?” and he said “yeah, why not?”

The next day, she wore shorts and let everyone see the bruises on her legs. Gerry Damiano was like “what the fuck is that?” He knew Chuck did it but it was still shocking that it was so bad. He was like “what brought this on? Is he jealous?” and Linda was like “no, I was just smiling too much I guess.” and he was like “..I’m not sure I follow”.

Later the soundman approached her and was like “we had no idea it was this bad. If there's anything any of us can do, just give us a signal.”

But it’s like…… what about when she was screaming for help and getting thrown against walls? That wasn’t enough of a signal? Where were you then?

Linda eventually saw an opening to call her friend Betsy and asked for help to get away from Chuck. Betsy agreed. She was worried about Linda. She had actually seen some of Linda’s films– like the dog film– and thought “Linda would never agree to do that”.

So Betsy and her boyfriend Don met Linda outside of a hotel where she was supposed to see a trick, and Linda bailed on her trick and left with Betsy and Don.

According to Betsy, Linda spent the next few days acting as though she had been drugged. Chuck called Betsy’s house over and over, day after day. Betsy would answer and say “she doesn’t want to talk to you.” he started sending letters. He told her that there was a van parked outside Betsy’s house, and in it there was a person watching with a gun pointed at her, and that he wouldn’t hesitate to blow the brains out of every person in that house. And when they looked out the window, they did indeed see two rifles pointed at the house.

Linda agreed to go with him. Betsy tried to stop her and told her “he’ll kill you, Linda.” but Linda didn’t want to keep pulling other people into her dangerous situation.

Chuck, of course, had to punish Linda. And they were at a point where he had already done every horrific thing imaginable to her, and she’s kind of starting to become numb to a lot of it. So Chuck, apart from the physical abuse and the usual mind games he played to humiliate Linda, he constantly pushed the limits and found new ways to degrade her and take away her autonomy.

Linda knew a punishment was coming, but she had no idea what it would be. She just knew it would be brutal.

One day, they were sitting at home and there was a knock at the front door. It was Linda’s parents. Chuck told Linda, “don’t let them in yet. Before you open the door, take off your robe.”

She was like “Chuck, those are my parents. Chuck, don’t do this to me.”

And Chuck said “Take that robe off right now or I’ll fucking rip it off you.” while pointing a gun to her head. So she took off her robe.

“And now you open that fucking door, and if you let them know that htis was my idea, I’m going to shoot you all. I mean that, babe. All three of you will be fucking dead on the floor.”

Linda walked to the door, naked, and opened it. She kind of tried to keep her body behind the door until they came in, and then they looked at her and were absolutely shocked. Her father turned deep red and her mother’s mouth started quivering. It was a long, awkward moment, and then Chuck grabbed her robe and tossed it to her and said “put on something decent. How could you answer a door like that? You should have something on in front of your father.”

They all stood around awkwardly for a minute until Linda’s mom, Dorothy, finally said “what did you want? You called us, what did you want?”

Apparently, Linda’s father got a phone call from someone crying and claiming to be Linda, and begging him to come help her. Linda never figured out who it was that called him. She wondered if maybe it was one of the other working girls trying to help her out. The only person who sounds like her on the phone is Dorothy.

Well Chuck was like “it must’ve been a prank call.” and that was the end of that. The parents went home.

But that wasn’t the end of Linda’s punishment.

Part 2

Chuck and Linda started hanging out with a 19 year old mechanic named Tom, who was one of their clients. They would stop at his auto shop frequently and hang out, and Chuck would always ask Tom about his old lady, Michelle. All Linda knew was that Michelle was also a sex worker and that she was freaky. Chuck was always talking about “you should do this thing Michelle does.” And Chuck could only get off if there was some kind of pain or suffering happening.

One day, Chuck took Linda to a “party” at Michelle’s house. “Party” usually meant going to a place to watch strangers do sexual things to each other. But this party was actually meant as Linda’s punishment for running off to Betsy’s house.

Michelle was really witchy looking, thin and tall and really pale, and wore all black. Tom was also there, and a couple of other nicely dressed people. Michelle addressed Linda as if she was putting on a show. Like she was in a play or something. She told Linda “we don’t want to punish you, but whatever we do, it’s for your own good. We love you Linda, we’re so happy you’ve come back to us.”

“You were so cruel Linda, to have forsaken those who love you.”

They made Linda get naked and she got a really eerie feeling. They were in candlelight so everyone’s face was dark and it was all very spooky.

Michelle said “don’t be so frightened, my darling Linda. This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you.”

Idk if you need it or if you saw it coming but -trigger warning-.

Michelle tied her hands together in front of her and then bent her over a footrest in front of a couch so that she was on her knees and her backside was exposed to the room. And then she pulled out a whip and started whipping her, but it was just little taps. Like foreplay. Linda knew that she had to pretend it was very painful though.

Then Michelle took out a hair dryer and started heating it over Linda’s body and prodding her with it. This was more painful than the whipping, but still not unbearable.

Btw, everyone’s just quietly watching.

Then Michelle tells Linda “the foreplay’s coming to an end, you must prepare for the… true punishment.”

She took out a dildo and at first she penetrated her softly, and then she worked it into Linda’s rectum. Linda had of course had anal sex before but it was really never consentual, she never enjoyed it or wanted to do it. So she realized that when Chuck wanted to have anally rape her, she would start shrieking before it got too painful, and her shrieks would be enough to make Chuck climax and leave her alone before she was seriously hurt.

But with Michelle, Linda’s shrieks made no difference. At all. Michelle didn’t slow down even a little. Linda started trying to adjust her body and find a position to relax her muscles or do something to tolerate the pain. But Michelle started going harder. And then Linda started really screaming. She caught a glimpse of Chuck and he was in a state of total excitement.

Michelle went faster and harder, and Linda panicked like “this is it, this is too much.” she suddenly had the feeling that Michelle had slipped over the edge.

She started screaming “stop her, make her stop! She’s killing me!”

Michelle was clearly really excited too, now using both hands and breathing heavily.

And then, Linda felt blood gushing out of her rectum.

Finally, someone spoke up. Some guy got up and shouted “whoa right there! What the hell are you doing to this chick?” Linda was shocked. He walked over to them and grabbed Michelle’s arm, and said “we’re ending this right now. You fucking people are crazy. We’re going to get this girl to a hospital right now.”

Michelle was like, in a trance. And finally she said “yes, I suppose that is enough punishment.”

They guy got ready to call the hospital but Michelle was like “don’t worry about it, I’ve got something to take care of this. It’s nowhere near as serious as it appears.”

And Chuck was like “yea! Linda loves this! She does this kind of shit all the time!”

Michelle rubbed some ointment on Linda and was like “sometimes the punishment will hurt a little, but it hurts me just as much. We just have to be sure that you don’t run away again.”

Chuck took Linda home and told her “you had to go bleed and ruin everything.”

She ended up having an infection and had to go see a doctor a few days later. The doctor advised her not to have anymore anal sex or it would really hurt her. She begged him not to tell Chuck that it hurt her, because she knew that he would enjoy continuing to hurt her that way. But the doctor did. Not only that, the doctor agreed to accept blow jobs from Linda as payment.

Linda was given a prescription for Percodan for the pain, and she told Chuck they were like antibiotics or something. She started using them to cope with the pain and everything else without Chuck ever knowing that she was on painkillers.

Chuck realized that they could pay all their doctors this way, so he started getting check ups with a dermatologist and an eye doctor and just every doctor he could find an excuse to see.

One of these doctors, for some reason, had nurses on his staff who all had really big, perky breasts. It turns out that he was giving them silicone injections.

Chuck was like “amazing” and he made Linda get the same procedure. Linda says that she didn’t want to do this because she was told that there was a drawback– she could never breastfeed a child. Even though that was nowhere in her immediate plan, she did dream of having babies and nursing them one day.

But the decision wasn’t hers. So she got it done.

Meanwhile, Deep Throat was getting more and more famous and the producers started meeting with Linda and Chuck to discuss a sequel. Linda was getting calls from Playboys and the such to do magazine spreads. People started treating Linda like royalty, and Chuck finally started treating her like slightly less than trash. Like, he wouldn’t send her into stores to proposition salesmen anymore.

After a photoshoot, Hugh Hefner invited them back to his mansion for a buffet and a movie. Actually, he invited Linda but Chuck wasn’t letting her go anywhere without him.

Chuck actually took Linda to buy a nice dress for this occasion.

After dinner, Hef pulled Linda aside and talked about Deep Throat, and apparently told Linda that he was more interested in that one film she did with the dog. According to Linda, he told her “that was terrific. You know, we’ve tried that several times, tried to get a girl and a dog together, but it has never worked out.”

Chuck was like “oh yea, it’s tricky.”

Hef went on “yea I’d like to see that.” and Chuck was like OH REALLY. “That’s no sweat for Linda.”

Linda says that Chuck and Hef talked about sex with animals for a couple of hours and that it was like watching a couple of kids talking about their toys on Christmas.

Chuck set it up and they brought their dog, Rufus, over to Hef’s mansion. Chuck told her to hang in there and give it time, even if Rufus didn’t seem to want to do it.

Linda did exactly what Chuck told her, and she used her trick of slightly backing into Rufus to get him to back off of her. And they did this for what seemed like forever until Hef was like “forget it, these things happen.”

Linda got an offer to write a book called Inside Linda Lovelace. And Chuck started realizing that it didn’t make sense to sell her for sex anymore and that it might actually damage her new celebrity. And this made Linda realize that the more known she became, it was creating a small wall between her and Chuck.

So Linda became an author. But really, this was Chuck writing through what she calls “the Linda Lovelace doll”. The books is supposed to be like “I’m Linda Lovelace and I live for sex and I’ve been a chronic masturbator since age 12, and I love having sex on camera, and I lost my virginity to the awesome Chuck Traynor, and his fat, rocklike muscle tore into me like a battering ram. I’ve never cum so fast in my life.”

In 1976, Chuck admitted in an interview with Leonard Lyons, “I wrote the book Inside Linda Lovelace with another guy before Linda and I split up. I created all the sex situations in it just as I created Linda Lovelace.”

Chuck and Linda got a call from Sammy Davis Jr one day, who was apparently a huge fan of Deep Throat. He invited them over to hang out at the Waldorf Astoria, and Chuck told Linda that he expected something to happen between her and Sammy that night.

But when they got there, his wife, Altovise, was there with him. They all hung out and talked, and nothing sexual happened.

Sammy continued inviting Chuck and Linda over to hang out, and he arranged the seating so that Linda was next to him, and Chuck was next to Altovise. Before long, Linda and Sammy started hooking up. They wouldn’t have just regular intercourse, because Sammy considered that to be cheating on his wife, but oral sex was ok, and he wanted Linda to deep throat him.

Altovise and Chuck hooked up too, I think that was the set up. Altovise despised Chuck, she couldn’t stand him, and she supposedly wanted Sammy to find someone else for her.

To Linda, it seemed that she wasn’t into orgies or hook ups as much as she just participated to make her husband happy. Anyway, they all hooked up and switched it up and sometimes Sammy and Chuck would make Linda and Altovise hook up for their own enjoyment. Sammy supposedly started to get pretty serious feelings about Linda.

One night, Altovise had gone out and it was just Linda, Chuck, and Sammy, and they were watching a porno movie, and Linda was deep-throating Sammy while he watched the movie. According to Linda, Sammy whispered to her “I really dig that. When are you going to teach me how you do that?”

She thought he was joking until he looked over at Chuck and asked if she thought he would mind.

Linda saw an opportunity. She was like “Mind? No, he’d go for that in a big way. But let me set it up for you.”

She knew that Chuck actually would not go for this. In fact, he was kind of a homophobe. So she went over to him and unzipped his pants, and Chuck was like really into the movie and I guess didn’t realize what was happening. But Linda unzipped his pants and then Sammy knelt down in front of him.

It took a minute or two before Chuck realized that something was different.

Linda’s book Ordeal says:

“Then, although Chuck didn’t utter a sound, his eyes were screaming for help. He looked back at me, boiling mad now, and with his right had gestured for me to come over and free him. I just shrugged my shoulders and laughed.”

Chuck had this weird thing where he wouldn’t stand up to people in a position of power and I guess he was too intimidated to say anything to Sammy Davis Jr, so he just let it go on. When Sammy showed signs of slowing down, Linda would give him more instructions and encourage him to keep going. Ironically, she was giving him the same advice Chuck had given her when he was teaching her how to deep-throat.

“Chuck glared at me but he didn’t utter a word. He would put up with anything rather than risk losing the friendship of Sammy Davis Jr.”

Not long after this, Sammy decided to make love to Linda, effectively choosing her over his wife.

But this also ended up being the last time Linda hooked up with him.

Linda got offered to do a number of performances, including a stage act where she would sing and dance. And she was really excited because she loved music, and Chuck never let her listen to it because it was something that made her happy.

But his partying was making it hard for her to get to rehearsals on time, and when she stood up to him, he started intentionally making her miss rehearsals.

At one rehearsal, he hit her in front of everyone, and people threatened to leave the act if that happened again, or if she didn’t start showing up to rehearsals on time. He came to pick her up at rehearsal another time, and it was early so Linda actually fought back and was like “no! You can pick me up when it’s over! And that’s at 4:30!” and they yelled at each other for a bit but she stood her ground and he actually left. And that day, she put her everything into that rehearsal and a backup dancer told her that it was the first time they had ever seen her smile.

At the end of rehearsal, it was just Linda and her dance coach, Joe, and she begged him to drop her off somewhere.

He took her to the Beverly Hills Hotel, and she checked in under the name Linda Hyatt. Nobody recognized her. She got to her room, went in and shut the door behind her. She worried if she was being too trusting of her dance coach, Joe, who was clearly terrified of Chuck. But for now, she was safe.

She took a bath and then she called the Linda Lovelace Enterprises, which was a little corporation that Chuck put together. Fortunately, the secretary, Dolores, answered. She spoke quietly and told Linda that Chuck was going berserk, calling every taxi company in town and all of the people Linda was working with, and nobody claimed to have seen her. Then Chuck took the phone from Dolores and screamed “where the fuck are you? What in the fuck do you think you’re doing?” do you realize….”

Linda was like “”

Chuck was losing his mind. He had to postpone meetings that he needed Linda for, and he was calling everyone she worked with and threatening to kill them and their families. Several people got court orders barring him from talking to them.

Dolores actually proved to be a true ally. When Linda eventually told her where she was staying, Dolors convinced her to go somewhere other than the Beverly Hills Hotel, as someone was likely to recognize her there. She also drew money from the company account for Linda, met up to hand her clothes and wigs, drove her to a new hotel and arranged for two bodyguards to watch over her 24 hours a day.

Before long, though, the guards were intimidated by Chuck and decided that they wanted to live, so they couldn’t help her anymore.

Chuck’s threats got worse and worse but Linda knew that if she went back to Chuck, this time the punishment would be killing her.

She called the police and told them the whole story. Chuck was now constantly looking for her with his revolver and his automatic rifle by his side. The police said to her, “Lady, we can’t get involved in domestic affairs.”

Then she called Sammy Davis Jr, hoping for help or support. What he said to her was “well, you gotta do what you gotta do.” In other words, you’re on your own.

Chuck stopped making threats and eventually started calmly pleading with Linda, trying to fix things so they could keep the deals coming. Linda was like “i want my own lawyer” and Chuck was like “abso-fucking-lutely not.”

He went off, saying that she’s Mrs. Chuck Traynor and that Mr. Chuck Traynor takes care of his wife, and the only reason she would need her own lawyer is for a divorce, and he truly doesn’t feel she has enough grounds to want a divorce.

He really said that. “I think what you’re doing is bullshit. I have not given you grounds to stop loving me. And you better not fucking act like i fucking have. Cause I have not.”

He went on this long rant ass rant and she just stayed quiet and listened. And then she hung up on him again.

Chuck had hired Lou Perry’s bodyguard, Vinnie. Lou Perry was the producer of Deep Throat. Vinnie was following Chuck around helping him threaten people, and when Linda found out, she asked Lou Perry why he had let Chuck use Vinnie. It turns out that Chuck told Lou that Linda had been kidnapped and was being held against her will. When Lou found out the truth from Linda, he pulled Vinnie from working with Chuck, and then everything stopped.

Just like that, Chuck stopped bothering her, and suddenly, Linda’s attorney’s informed her that Chuck was ready to sign divorce papers.

Chuck was now preparing to marry another porn star he was now managing, named Marilyn Chambers.

Linda saw Chuck again, once, in an elevator. She didn’t find him frightening anymore. He said to her “just remember that I love you, and if you ever change your mind, I’ll be there.”

Linda became close friends with David Winters, a choreographer she was working with. And then, they became lovers. Together, they did the movie Linda Lovelace for President in 1976.

Linda was having a hard time finding legitimate acting work, but there were tons of offers for pornographic films, which she vowed never to do again. She decided to write a second book where she would tell the whole truth, and it would be called The Intimate Diary of Linda Lovelace.

Unfortunately, the publishers didn’t like the story they were hearing. They complained that there wasn’t enough sex, that it wasn’t another Inside Linda Lovelace. They wanted the book to tell the story the readers wanted to hear, rather than the one she wanted to tell.

David Winters thought it over and told Linda that he thought they should write a little bit of truth at a time, and then a little more and more. Otherwise, the world just wouldn’t accept it. So David and the publisher, a friend named Mel Mandel who also worked with them and had been present during a lot of the abuse, wrote the story the publishers wanted.

Even though it’s not exactly an accurate “autobiography”, this book does show Chuck as a villain, unlike the first book. And this book had a knight in shining armor in David Winters.

But.. in order to please the publishers, they also included a bunch of bullshit that didn’t reflect the true Linda at all.

Things like:

“With a tremendous thrust, he put that surging, gorgeous cock inside me. A pulsating jackhammer that kept driving, driving, driving, plowing into me, over and over.” Unfortunately, it’s like nobody wanted to see or hear anything about Linda unless it was Linda Lovelace the porn star.

What’s even worse (to me) is that there are passages in the book where she sounds like, not just like a prude, but actually seems to be borderline shaming nontraditional relationships, or kind of kinkshaming. And to be honest, I don’t know if I can blame her considering that her relationship with porn may not have been so bad if every single porn she participated in wasn’t a rape and maybe she can’t separate some of these kinks from rape, because she never even had the chance to consider whether she was ready to try these things. I mean, I’m thinking it’s possible that she could never possibly understand porn in a way that isn’t degrading, because in her case it was ALWAYS rape, it was always under a threat.

And also, whenever she tried getting into serious acting and she met a celebrity she truly respected, and they’d be like “omg Linda Lovelace, I must shake your hand!” and although they were totally respectful and admired her, she couldn’t help but think “now I know you watched the disgusting things I did under coercion and the threat of death” and it’s almost like every man she met, she would start thinking “every one of these men could have a little bit of Chuck inside of him.”

I mean with all the people who were involved, she was kind of right in that pretty much every man she came across was either a huge perv or really sadistic. So unfortunately, Chuck and men like him who he surrounded himself with, ended up being all Linda knew.

Linda kept trying to become a serious actress but it never really worked out how she wanted. She no longer wanted to do sex acts on film, nor did she want to appear nude. And producers would promise her that that was fine, and then they’d start making changes to the script to include a nude scene, and then a soft core sex scene, and then a hardcore sex scene or two.

Linda and David Winters were in love, but somewhere along the lines, a distance grew between them. Linda got the chance to make a real movie– Linda Lovelace for President– and David would be co-producer. This movie was supposed to be like a sex-comedy, but Linda was upfront from the beginning that she would not appear nude and would not do any sex scenes. And David stuck up for her. But eventually, while on set, they’d be like “ok Linda, take off your clothes, time for the sex scenes.” And David would just shrug. And this was the beginning of the end for Linda and David.

(Forever Emmanuelle)

“In 1976, she was chosen to play the title role in the erotic movie Forever Emmanuelle (also known as Laure).“

According to Linda, the script for this film started out very sweet and romantic and beautiful. But as time went on, things kept being added to it. They would have a romance scene turn into a topless scene and so on. Linda refused to do what was asked of her, and they took her role and gave it to someone else who was willing to do what she wasn’t. They gave Linda a smaller role.


“According to the producer Ovidio G. Assonitis, Lovelace was "very much on drugs" at the time. She had already signed for the part when she avowed that "God had changed [her] life", refused to do any nudity, and even objected to a statue of the Venus de Milo on the set because of its exposed breasts. She was replaced by French actress Annie Belle.”

Eventually, Linda did find someone she would marry and have children with.

In 1976, Linda married Larry Marchiano, a cable installer who later owned a drywall business. He actually knew Linda from the old days, I think maybe from high school or something like that. So when he thought of Linda, he thought of Linda Boreman, the woman he knew before she became Linda Lovelace.

Larry was the kind of man who firmly believed in defending his wife’s honor, which turned out to be a full time job as the husband of Linda Lovelace.

The silicone injections in Linda’s breasts turned out to be really dangerous. The silicone didn’t stay together. It separated and started slipping around, and her breasts became lumpy and painful. She’s been to doctors and has been told that the disintegrating silicone could form a clot and kill her. Other doctors have told her that she needs to have her breasts removed immediately.

But then Linda found out that she was pregnant. And as it turns out, she was able to breastfeed her baby.

Linda and Larry had two children, Dominic (born 1977) and Lindsay (born 1980).

Linda and Larry ended up divorcing in 1996. She has spoken unfavorably of Larry since then, but they say the divorce was civil and they remained in contact til the end.

In 1979, Lovelace underwent a polygraph examination in which she repeated allegations she made against Traynor. During the session the test results supported the following allegations:[2]

  • In 1971, Traynor forced Lovelace to have sex with five men for money in the Coral Gables Holiday Inn. He pointed a gun at Lovelace and threatened to kill her if she refused.

  • During her relationship with Traynor, Lovelace feared for her life if she tried to leave him.

  • He would hypnotize her.

  • He asked her to help him run the prostitution business, and when she refused he hit her. He used to beat her occasionally, which seemed to sexually excite him. He beat her the night before their wedding and during the filming of Deep Throat.

  • After she left him, Traynor threatened to shoot her sister's son if she did not return.

  • When out with other people, he would tell her not to speak, and she had to ask his permission to use the toilet.

  • The movie Deep Throat made approximately $600 million but Lovelace did not receive any money from the film and said that her husband received around $1,250 for the project. Traynor kept control of the money.

In a Vanity Fair article on Marilyn Chambers, whom Traynor married after Lovelace divorced him, Traynor said he considered himself a country boy in that he could live away from civilization and that if his woman said something he didn't like, he thought nothing of hitting her for it.

Lovelace's allegations against Traynor have been disputed since she voiced them but in the second commentary on the DVD of "Inside Deep Throat," one member of the production crew of Deep Throat backed up Lovelace's allegation of a brutal beating that she claimed left bruises that are visible in the film. The man said his motel room was next to Lovelace and Traynor's and emphatically stated that Traynor beat Lovelace viciously at night. Marilyn Chambers later claimed that Linda's allegations "hurt Chuck," but Deep Throat, Part 2 actress Andrea True said that most people did not like Chuck Traynor and sided with Lovelace as to her allegations.

Ordeal was published in 1980.

In 1986, Boreman published Out of Bondage, a memoir focusing on her life after 1974. She testified before the 1986 Attorney General's Commission on Pornography, also called the "Meese Commission", in New York City, stating, "When you see the movie Deep Throat, you are watching me being raped. It is a crime that the movie is still showing; there was a gun to my head the entire time."

Boreman had contracted hepatitis from the blood transfusion she received after her 1970 car accident[27] and underwent a liver transplant in 1987.

Over the years, Linda has become an advocate against pornography. There’s a whole thing called the feminist sex wars which is basically one side of feminists arguing that pornography and exploitative and harmful to women, while the other side is more about sexual revolution and being empowered by sexual freedom.

It’s interesting.. To me, I think I lean towards more sexual freedom and women doing what they want and it not always having to be degrading. In fact (and I mean we see this often in Vegas) men kind of make fools out of themselves with women sometimes. They blow all their money to have women entertain them or sometimes humiliate them and all the while, the woman really has all this power.

In my opinion, the real problem with porn and sex work and stuff, is men trying to control it. I mean I don’t know from personal experience but it’s like, here in Nevada we have brothels. I’ve never been to one but there’s one like 40 minutes away we can check out and it doesn’t seem nearly as bad as being on the strip and having a pimp control your business. At the same time, at least at one of these brothels, I’ve heard that they don’t really leave the house they live in without supervision. Like if they need to go to the doctor or go shopping, they have to request a scheduled time and a chauffeur drives them and stays with them until they’re done, and drops them back off. Which sounds so crazy that that’s legal, like it seems like a cult.

Anyway I heard this like 10 years ago when I lived in pahrump for like 5 minutes so idk if that’s still accurate but the person i heard this from was a former nurse who had given vaginal exams to these women and performed STDs on them and they all came in a group like in a shuttle, like a field trip.

Chuck Traynor about Linda:

“She was better at housework and cooking than sex. She was a lousy lover. When I first dated her, she was so shy it shocked her to be seen in the nude by a man.”

That last part was actually true. This says so much more about him than it does about her.

On April 3, 2002, Boreman was involved in another automobile accident. This was more serious than the 1970 accident that had injured her. She suffered massive trauma and internal injuries. On April 22, 2002, she was taken off life support and died in Denver, Colorado, at the age of 53. Marchiano and their two children were present when she died.

Traynor died at the age of 64 of a heart attack in Chatsworth, California, on July 22, 2002, three months after Lovelace died. Lovelace's sister, Barbara Boreman, later said in an interview in Inside Deep Throat that she was disappointed that Traynor died before she could kill him.

“Every now and then I’ll pick up a newspaper and see that a new x-rated movie is opening and it stars Linda Lovelace.” Don’t ever believe it. All that means is that they are including a scene from Deep Throat.”

**Movie “Lovelace” starring Amanda Seyfried (fictional)

Book source: Ordeal by Linda Lovelace

*I will warn you, this book includes some outdated terminology and a few slurs. Remember, the story takes place in the 70’s and she wrote it in the 80’s. On one hand, maybe these words weren’t infamously offensive back then, but on the other hand, you can also sense from her energy that her views on sex were kind of destroyed before she had a chance to develop them and explore them. Like when I said she sounded kind of sex-shamey, I really disagree with what she says, but it also kind of sounds like a trauma response.

She also uses the word, uh. Like a slur for homosexual people, but the way she feels towards homosexuals kind of swings from negative to positive and I think that kind of speaks a lot about people in the 70’s.

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