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Broken Limelight: A Celebrity True-Crime Podcast

Broken Limelight features true stories about the dark histories behind famous people like celebrities, rock stars, athletes, politicians, etc.
From murders to mysterious overdoses and suicides to drug addiction to sex abuse; everyone has a story.

*Note: if you are not a fan of profanity, random bursts of singing, or people who laugh at their own jokes, this podcast may not be for you.

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Bill Cosby has been accused of sexual assault by nearly 70 women. He was found guilty of assaulting Andrea Constand in 2004, as well as Judy Huth when she was just 16. After serving roughly 2 years in prison, his conviction was overturned. But it's not because he was innocent. So what happened?

*Parts 1 & 2 available now.

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Didi covers stories that aren't overdone. It's clear she's done her research and presents facts when it's time for facts and opinions when the listener is needing her thoughts. So happy to have found this podcast!

I love this podcast so much! All information is laid out neatly without jumping all over the place. I love everything that I learn listening to Didi West!!

Didi is adorable and does such a great job with her research! I find myself learning something new every episode. She covers so much info that the press tried to hide from the public! Can’t wait to see who she covers next!

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